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Sep 10, 2008 08:22 PM

Skybar wine preservation

should I save my money and use it to buy wine??

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  1. I could buy a lot of wine with the $1K it would take to acquire this fine piece of hardware. I could probably even invest in some ice, and a bucket (maybe even 3 if needed) in order to chill 3 wines to the ideal temperature. I can theoretically see why a restaurant or bar might use this for a BTG program (though for only 3 wines I'd think a restaurant/bar would be moving through inventory fast enough not to need a preservation system), I can't imagine why anyone would ever have one in their home.

    1. Oh, that's ridiculous. Just go buy a small canistor of argon and some tubing. That's what all the wineries use.

      1. I think that the wine you buy with the $1 K would provide you far more enjoyment over time way past the 1 year warrantee you get with the device (assuming it really works).

        Seriously though, its not worth it.

        1. Seriously . . . why would you want it?