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Sep 10, 2008 07:32 PM

Has anybody tried Johny Rockets?... [moved from Ontario]

Hey Guys,

Has anybody tried the Johny Rocket's at Dundas Square . . .I was thinking about trying it and am just curious wether it is any good or not . . . any info will be much appreciated...


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  1. They serve Nathan's hot dogs, which I've never tried, so I am curious as well.

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    1. re: duckdown

      It is doubtful those are real nathan's hot dogs. I'm a native new yorker and can tell you that in many places the nathan's branded dogs, are entirely different. Nathan's are skinny and will snap when you bite into them. They've got a certain spice to em.

      Elsewhere I've had them and they're much fatter and softer. The dog I had at the mets game 2 nights ago wasn't even a real nathan's hot dog. It was like the ones they have at the supermarket. Which is not to say it's bad. Just not the real deal.

      Johnny Rockets is still pretty good. They're fast food style burgers with better ingredients. Haven't eaten at one in a while, but I'd go back if there was one nearby and I needed a quick fix. The 2 I've been to in NY don't have singing waiters. One is a counter service place at a mall, the other is real small.

    2. haven't tried this location but many years back tried one in the states and another in west edmonton mall...sort of like the place monica on friends worked at...50's singing diner with burgers etc...long on cheese factor with adequate chain style burgers

      1. Keep meaning to try one out but never seem to. Don't they have a bunch of singing and dancing employees preforming every few minutes? Probably would drive me nuts.

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        1. re: Big N Fat

          Tried a couple of locations. The shakes are pretty good, the burgers are OK - nothing special, just OK. Chili was bland, fries worse. The singing/dancing is kinda cute the first time you see it (and they only do it every 10-15 minutes, so you usually only see it once, maybe twice a visit), but whether you want to see it again depends on the energy of the crew. We had one group that really put their hearts into it, and it was fun to watch them. The second group - not so much on both counts.

        2. The food's decent. Kind of expensive, but a little more fun.

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          1. re: turqmut

            my parents, both children of the 50s, go there and love it.

            1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

              OK that settles it then. We will try one at first opportunity.

          2. I had lunch at Johnny Rockets at the hammilton Mall, in Mays Landing NJ yesterday. The menu goes with the decor - 50's. I had a burger called the #12 (on a scale of 1 to 10 it's a 12 the menu says) and a chocolate egg cream with fries. Everything was good. They use a lot of gimmicks to promote their image. There is a juke box at every table for 5 cents per play, but they give you the nickles. When they bring your fries, the waitress draws a katsup smiley face in a small serving dish. I did enjoy the burger though, lots of fresh toppings, and they even ask how you want it cooked, so I wouldn't call it fastfood.

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            1. re: ChrisOC

              Okey dokey Chris that does it. Gonna go. For burgers that good, I'm willing to let a bunch of people jump around singing and dancing. Just gonna have to wait till I get to a town that has one!

              1. re: Big N Fat

                Their shakes are really good but burgers imho are pretty awful. I had a Nathan's chili dog and it was just good however I believe the chili ruined the taste of the dog itself. I would recommend trying it without the chili.