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Sep 10, 2008 07:17 PM

Looking for vegetarian in Paris

My friend and I are going to Paris next Tuesday for a week. She is vegetarian, I am not. We would like to find a few affordable places to eat 40-60euros each that she and I can both find something suitable.I am thinking Italian, Morroccan and Indian will be our best bets. Any advice is appreciated!

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  1. here are some tips and suggested restaurants for vegetarians:

    if you do a search you'll find a number of suggestions on this site as well (for example):
    and a recent thread on moroccan and southeast asian:

    Italian food in Paris is generally not great (or overpriced, imo). there are a number of southeast asian and chinese restaurants to pick from in addition to moroccan. crepe restaurants are a good bet (breizh cafe in the 3rd is my favorite). i have a vegetarian friend here and she's able to find something everywhere we eat, "french" restaurants included - but we usually call ahead to see if this is just going to be a salad, or if there are other options "sans viande"

    1. I think Moroccan would be a good choice. I've been eating a lot at Chez Omar recently... in fact I just posted some pix and notes on my blog ( I know it's touristy and a bit overpriced, but it's so lively and bustly, and I love the old-fashioned bistro setting. Their couscous is good, too.

      Crêpes are another good suggestion. I recently ate at Le Petit Josselin (side note: it's next door to La Crêperie de Josselin -- they say they're the same "maison" -- does anyone know what the relation is?) It was a very buttery, creamy, cheesy, meal. Lots of vegetarian options as well. Meal for two (two crepes, 1 beer, 1 cider) was 27E.

      1. Le Potager du Marais in the Marais district..

        1. For €40 to 60 each you can eat well and stay with classic french food. Try "Maceo". Well cooked food in a great space - upmarket dining for veggies with great options for carnivores. Check out:

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            and I will once again mention what I *think* is Maceo's sister restaurant, Willi's Wine Bar, where I had a very good veg. meal. Comfortable place with good food (and english speakers, if that helps).