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Sep 10, 2008 06:29 PM

New to St. Louis

I'm moving to St. Louis and want to take my Mom and boyfriend out to a classic bbq restaurant. He is as picky as he is handsome. She really knows her ribs. Please help me!!!

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  1. Pappy's has the best ribs in town. One of the owners has won awards from the Memphis in May BBQ competitions.

    1. Richard's Ribs out in Kirkwood has some pretty good BBQ.
      Small place....good for carry out.

      1. You couldn't go wrong with Pappy's and 17th Street Grill has great ribs too. Pappy's are sort of black pepper spicy and they have great sweet potato fries. Bon App├ętit named 17th Street Grill the best ribs in the nation. I would think you would have to try both. Mike Mills (of 17th Street Grill)has a book I really like called Peace, Love, and Barbecue.

        1. Contrary to the stereotype, St. Louis has not been a great city for BBQ. At least up to now. I tried Pappy's my last trip in town -- really liked it. Near St. Louis University on the north side of the city at 3106 Olive right where it changes back from Lindell. The ribs were baby backs -- I prefer spareribs -- but they were done beautifully with a smoke and a nice tender bite. If you get the pulled pork, which was great, order it with the "bark," the crispy seasoned crusty parts. Sides were excellent -- thin sweet potato fries with cinnamon, thick but crisp steak fries, chunky potato salad, crisp cole slaw. Highly recommended, and go early -- when they run out, they stop serving. Best BBQ I've had in St. L.