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Sep 10, 2008 06:25 PM

suggestion for dinner near the Fairview theater?

We re going to meet friends for a play at the Fairview library theatre on Saturday ( near Sheppard and the DVP). Can anyone suggest a nice dining room/restaurant with really good food closeby? Any help appreciated, but preferably not a chinese food venue.
many thanks!

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  1. I live pretty close by, and it's a culinary wasteland. Unfortunately, there are only decent Asian restos in this area. How about Auyama for sushi, at Van Horne and Victoria Park? In desperation, there's also Sierra Grill and Oliver and Bonacinni at Bayview Village?

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    1. re: dlw88

      Bonacini is pretty good and less than 10 mins drive.

      There is a family-type place I've been to a couple of times, just north of the mall called La Dolce Vita. It's nothing fancy but it's perfectly decent.

      There's a Milestones in the mall but aside from that, as said above, it's basically a wasteland around there.

      1. re: fleisch

        No Milestones in the mall -- just a Moxie's, I believe. Not that that is any better.

        You could always go over to Le Cafe Michi at Sheppard and Pharmacy, which is a short drive away.

    2. In the other direction, at Warden & Sheppard, there's an Italian place called Remezzo. Nothing terribly exciting, but preferable to some of the chain places right by the mall.