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Sep 10, 2008 05:50 PM

Where can I get Tuscan Pici pasta?

Is there anywhere in the Greater LA area that serves Pici (or Stangozzi, Bigoli,) pasta? It was everywhere in Tuscany. But impossible to find on a menu here and almost impossible to find in any retail store in dried form. Forget about fresh.

I know it's supposed to be hard to make, takes 20 minutes to cook, takes 50 hours to dry, etc. but that makes me want it more. Know the feeling? I live in W.LA and with the seemingly hundreds of fine Italian eateries in the area, you'd think at least one of them would have traditional Pici even if you had to pay more for it.

Anybody have a handle on this?

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  1. If worse comes to worse...

    500 g flour
    250 g water

    oil to drizzle

    add water in a well
    mix with fingers from the center
    knead until forms smooth ball

    divide in two

    roll out a strip, 10-12'" wide and 1 cm thick
    drizzle with a bit of olive oil and spread to coat lightly
    cut into strips, 1 cm wide.

    roll strips into worms, on a floured board
    lay onto floured paper, careful not to cram them together
    cook 6-10 min, not 20, though, you can't overcook it. It's done when it floats and puffs a bit.

    1. A likely source would be Guidi Marcello and their extended lines of specialty pasta:

      It is in Santa Monica.

      1. Osteria Mozza often has pici. Which are a pain to make, as the OP noted, so call ahead.