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Sep 10, 2008 05:04 PM

soltan banoo

Taking an old friend out for lunch this week, who wanted something "special" besides burgers (kids, non-adventurous husband). Thought this might fit the bill since it's in the area. Any thoughts????

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  1. This place is great! I don't remember what dish I ordered as its been a few months, but my girl friends and I really enjoyed their food. They had a nice variety of meat and vegetarian dishes, with tasty starters like hummus and baba ganoush (spelling?). I'd definitely recommend it.

    1. The 2 dishes I enjoyed were the Gourmeh Sabzi with lamb, which I believe is a Friday special, and the Baghali Polo, which was stewed lamb dish. The Owner, Mahin is a gem. The Ash Anar, pomegranate soup was a bit different, but the more I ate, the more I enjoyed. Many of the dishes are homestyle Persian.

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        I love this place, and have from the begining. I often find the specials of the day are the way to go and allows the kitchen to truly shine. Still, haven't had a bad meal there ever, even when they were Caspian Corner across the street.