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Sep 10, 2008 04:37 PM

Recommendations for couples first trip into Boston

looking for any recommendations for a place for good cocktails and apps (possibly romantic) prior to going to watch the blueman group perform followed by a celts preseason game the following day....along with the duck tours....please help!

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  1. Sounds like fun. Consider No.9 Park, centrally located and convenient enough to the theater district (Blue Man). The theater district is pretty close to the South End, which is a real eating and drinking hotspot: try the Butcher Shop, and do a search for more.

    The Celtics play very near the North End, which has many charming places. Prezza is very good in the North End. So is Neptune, but expensive.

    If your duck tour is leaving from the Science Museum, you'll be near Bambara at the Marlowe hotel and also Dante, both good if you're there and hungry or thirsty (but probably not destinations).

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      if there's no sox game, Eastern Standard Kitchen in Kenmore for great drinks and apps. Near Boston Garden, Osteria Rustica for good italian at non-tourist trap prices, on Canal.

    2. Pigalle is romantic and in the theater district.

      1. near kendall, try the blue room at kendall square - there is a lovely gem of a patio with great cocktails, nice bar too with high quality food.
        i agree, the butcher shop in the south end is a very nice treat - tasty too with a knowledgeable bar staff.
        my favorite place for cocktails is hands down the eastern standard (kenmore).