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Dinner in Ireland

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We'll be in Ireland September 22-29. We're staying in Limerick, Castlebar (Westport) and Dublin. I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for Irish food- fabulous food and nice atmosphere. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. This link should help with Dublin:


    1. Michelin star restaurant Mint in Dublin is fantastic, but that depends on your budget!

      What kind of food are you after?

      For something more affordable with a good varied menu in Limerick or Dublin, try Luigi Malones


      1. Cafe Rua in Castlebar is a well regarded spot but if you are passing through Ballinrobe, try JJ Gannons which has a nice selection of wines to go with some interesting a la carte options.
        The Mermaid Cafe, Dame St in Dublin is worth a visit - you can check their menu on their website.

        1. Healys in Pontoon has a good reputation. Pontoon is near Foxford in Mayo so by Irish standards not that far from Castlebar (20-25 miles).

          Pontoon is aloso very pretty and Healys overlooks the lake.