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Sep 10, 2008 04:01 PM

Birthday Prime Rib in SFV?

My birthday is in a couple weeks and I want go to out for prime rib, my favorite "special" food. We are in the North-West SFV, and don't want to travel too far as we have to pick up our kidlets by 10:30. I originally wanted to go to Lawrys but I think timewise that might be an issue (drive, and the wait). I've had the prime rib at Morton's in Beverly Hills, but never been to the Woodland Hills one so that may be a contender as well.

Any suggestions? A good zesty horseradish sauce and a nice wine selection is a plus.

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  1. Flemings in Woodland Hills has excellent prime rib and I think their wine list is quite good and almost reasonable in price. I do think Lawry's is the gold standard for prime rib though.

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    1. re: bigredd

      Thanks for the tip -- I've only been to Flemings once and had steak. I didn't know they served prime rib also. I was impressed by their wine selection, so that's an option.

      I would ideally go to Lawry's -- it's a blast from the past, and somewhat cheesy, but I love their prime rib and creamed corn!

      1. re: boogiebaby

        Hi -

        Just thought I'd say that we recently went to Lawry's (actually my first time, and I'm a native LA-person). Anyway, I would not go back. Perhaps that was because the air conditioning was on the fritz but also the service was ...well, it felt like Disney. It's a show -- a rushed show at that -- they want you to eat and go (turnover is key!). Plus the meat was not as rare as requested, the server forgot a side dish and never checked if we wanted a second glass of wine, the crowd was loud with lots of poorly dressed (I mean T shirts, shorts and flip-flops -- just didn't feel right and believe me, I'm not a clothes horse at all). Another fairy tale dispelled! I expected too much.

        Well, such is life, grasshopper!! As for other steak-type places in the west valley (or most of the valley) I fear it's not the best area for a special meal. Much better red meat over the hill... We had a good steak at Craft, I've read a lot about CUT, I personally still love the old Pacific Dining Car... (Regarding my comment that the best meals do not seem to be in the valley: I wish it weren't so.. but that's my experience -- generally speaking.) Oh, and if you want more interesting meats, there's always the Saddle Peak Lodge (I find that's a love/hate place -- you either love it or hate it!) Pretty, very special and not far from the valley!

        Happy Birthday!

        1. re: susiequeue

          second Saddle Peak. good for a special birthday! No prime rib right now, but Antelope, Buffalo, elk, lamb and ostrich are all on the current menu, plus more!

          1. re: Diana

            We've done Saddle Peak several times for special occasions so I didn't want to do it again. The food is good, but I really want my prime rib! LOL

          2. re: susiequeue

            I think you managed to catch Lawrey's on an off night. We go every year (around Thanksgiving) for my step-son's BDay and while it is somewhat of a show, always crowded, we've never experienced any of the issues you describe. In fact, we always comment on how friendly and efficient the staff is, they NEVER rush us (anywhere from 8 to 12 people). I'm extremely particular about my meat being cooked to order, and I've never had a problem or compaint at Lawry's.

            Unfortunately, as the OP said, it's not going to work for him. I will say that we've had more problems at Flemming's with some of the same issues as the OP. However, we've been to Morton's twice since they opened, and while we haven't tried their prime rib, everything, and I mean everything else has been nothing less than exceptional. I see no reason why the prime rib wouldn't be also. I'm going to have it the next time we go, for sure.

            1. re: LesThePress

              I've only been to Flemings once (the Woodland Hills location) but I wasn't too impressed with the food. My steak was OK, nothing stellar. I didn't care for their special au gratin potatoes, the ones with the jalepenos. I love chili peppers but the jalepenoin cream sauce was not good. If they have prime rib though, I'd be willing to try it again.

              (BTW, I'm a she, not a he) :)

      2. If you decide on Lawry's or Morton's in WH call first. My husband has dissapointed several time when they have been out of the prime rib. FYI Flemings is running a prime rib special every Sunday now, 35.95 per person for a complete meal.