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Piegon or Squab in Western Canadian Restaurants?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a restaurant, preferably a fine dining place, that is currently serving pigeon a.k. squab. It seems to be a difficult bird to find these days. Any leads would be appreciated anywhere in Western Canada. Jennifer

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  1. EPJ:

    I have "struck out" trying my favourites that I thought might feature squab. If I encounter one I will post.

    It was not too long ago that I remarked to my "significantly better half" that so many places were featuring squab but now for the life of me I cannot remember where we were. Victoria perhaps, maybe Vancouver.

    I thought maybe Hardware or Normand's here in Edmonton or Divino or River in Calgary but not according to their current menus...or at least the ones which are currently on their web-sites.

    Any particular reason for this penchant for pigeon?

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      HI Bob,
      Well, I just noticed that it was on the cutting edge and fine dining menus in the UK this summer, and I too remember seeing it on menus around Edmonton and Calgary, but now that I'm looking for it, it seems to have evaporated. I know that a couple of the main suppliers have closed down.

      Just testing our foodie culture against "their" foodie culture in the UK I guess.

    2. If Chinese fine dining is acceptable, Sun Siu Wah is known for their squab.

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        Pine Lake Restaurant on 5th ave.

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          In the meantime, I spoke to Scott P at River Cafe and he used to serve it. It seems to be an item that chefs will put on their menu when they can find a good supplier, but apparently raising squab is a precarious enterprise:) There are a few places in Ontario that seem to serve it because they have a local supplier. Thanks all!

          1. re: pigeon pete

            Hi Pigeon Pete. I am looking for some squab meat in Ontario. Can you please let me know where I can buy some. Thanks! Christine

      2. Generally I only usually see Chinese places serving it. You might have better luck for higher end in Vancouver/Richmond like Zen or Hakkasan.

        In Edmonton I know Jumbo has it on their menu but that's probably not the kind of restaurant you're looking for.

        1. When I was at Eden in Banff in December, they had it on the menu. Might not be a regular item though.

          1. Lumiere in Vancouver has it on their menu, smoked and served with lentils, foie gras, confit turnips, radish, and I think peanut butter (?).

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            1. re: superhunk

              Yeah, I was there on Friday and had it. It was good as was everything else. We got the 9 course tasting and they gave me and my wife different courses so we got to try 20 different dishes (each ate half and swapped plates) and there was only one that we didn't like (the crab lettuce rolls).

            2. If you want Squab Cantonese style there are two choices I like in Richmond, BC.

              Sun Sui Wah, which has a great one, cooked perfectly but with this drawback. The Chinese from the Hong Kong like ones that are small and young. The flavor is great but not very large.

              Last month I have a large one at Empire Seafood on Alexandera Road. About double in size and also so perfectly cooked. But the meat is not as soft and flavor is more mature and lack the softness like the ones I had in China.

              I have only had it at these two places in Western Canada.

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              1. re: yimster

                Sea Harbour makes an excellent roast squab as well. Not sure if you have been there yet yimster. Put it on your list!

                1. re: fmed

                  Thanks fmed, my list is growing everyday. Next year I will have to stay for a week on the Mainland.

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                  Well here is another one yimster ..... I personally think Sun Sui Wah has gone down a notch with their squab..... once regarded as the best place to have it in all of Vancouver. But I'm going to have to tell you to try Koon Bo. 41st and Faser .... hands down the best Squab in my opinion.... the skin is crunchy and the meat is super juicy.

                  The place is always packed and everyone always has a plate of squab. So give it a try!

                  1. re: bobthebuilder

                    Well it has been about two years since I have been to Sun Sui Wah and it was good then. But just last week I had a really good one in the San Francisco Bay Area for 8 bucks USD and just moist inside and crispy on the outside. But still the best I had was in Pearl River in China area two years. Thanks on my long list for my next trip to Richmond. I only wish my trips were longer, but I would overeat and have to come home and workout daily for months after each of my visits.

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                      Koon Bo is actually in town, yimster, so you'll have to cross the bridge to get it :-).

                      1. re: grayelf

                        Thanks for the information. It among others are on my new list. See you all next year.

                        Maybe we can have a meal together then.

                        1. re: yimster

                          Koon Bo won an award for its Soy Spot Prawns this year but I understand their cold Chinese Chicken Salad is killer, with at least two fans on this board :-). I had another dish recommended to me there but can't for the life of me remember what it was, dang it. I'd be up for a chowdown at Koon Bo anytime...

                          1. re: grayelf

                            They do a good BBQ Duck and Roast Duck Three Ways. They do poultry very well...they have great chicken dishes too.

                3. Not fine dining, these two are Chinese restaurants. Pine Lake on 5th Ave beside the Telus building and Forbidden City in the Pacific Place Mall by T&T Supermarket serve pigeon. Pine Lake had it as a dinner special on a weekend last time I had it and Forbidden City served it at my wedding banquet.

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                    I've also had it upon special request (ask and order maybe 1 or 2 days in advance) at Harbour City and even in Central Grand.