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Sep 10, 2008 03:37 PM

Need recs for Boulder & Estes Park CO

I'm going to a football game in Boulder in early October (Hook 'em, Horns!) and need some recommendations. Brew pubs would be great. Something casual for football crazy folks; no fine dining on this trip, I'm afraid. Thanks.

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  1. When CU plays at home, Boulder is mobbed. Downtown brew pubs/sports bars: Walnut Brewery, Mountain Sun (and its South Boulder sibling, Southern Sun), Redfish, Lazy Dog. On the Hill, The Sink. Just south of campus, The Dark Horse. Good luck getting in anywhere!

    Estes Park????

    1. Boulder will be crazy. If CU wins, the students will riot and burn couches in the street. However, if CU loses, the students will riot and burn couches in the street.

      To avoid these festivities and since you mentioned that you're going to Estes Park, I'd suggest stopping in Lyons at Oskar Blues. Fabulous beer, pretty decent food with a Cajun influence and dynamite music.

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        Oh Chowmix, cliche, cliche. The burning couches incidents occurred years ago (the city clamped down on that particular diversion in 2002), and celebratory and/or mourning behavior has been relatively restrained since.

        If you ARE going to Estes Park, Oskar Blues is a good recommendation, especially if you want to eat too. The Estes Park Brewery is OK for beer, but unless they've improved their kitchen, the food is pathetic.

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          I concur, perpetuating those stereotypes is needless.

          Add to Claire's list of options Old Chicago either on Pearl or slightly out of town in Superior (which will be less crazy).

          1. re: RobynS

            In Boulder, there's also the Hungry Toad, on Broadway, a few blocks north of the Pearl St. Mall, which might not be quite as mobbed as places downtown. Then again, it might. Murphy's would be another relatively peaceful option, on 28th and Iris. But your football-crazy crowd might prefer to revel among their own kind, downtown at the Lazy Dog, Walnut Brewery, or Old Chicago.

      2. Just got back from Estes Park. The food there is on the whole bad. The only place we've found that we like is Dunraven Inn. Sure ist's red sauce Italian, but Dale has worked hard on it, and its rich and full of complex flavor. He also brings in pristine fish, including sushi grade tuna. So after a day of hiking in the thin air, go, order a martini (they make good ones), have an appetizer of sashimi, then a pasta. You'll want the carbs. And they have a small but good wine list, with well thought out choices.

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          After a day of hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc., we usually pop into Ed's Cantina for pretty good Tex-Mex, good margaritas and a nice mix of locals and visitors at the bar and in the dining room. Weather permitting, the patio right along the river and recreational path is the place to be.

        2. After an earfull of foul language and the scent of barf and urine wafting through the air on Saturday afternoon, (almost ubiquitious at any college's home games), perhaps a genteel Sunday brunch at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park would be refreshing.

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          1. re: Veggo

            Ed's used to be pretty gamey (no pun intended), but not so (at least in our experience) since the total renovation several years ago. Then too, even in fall, college football is not played seven days a week, and the atmsphere and "emotions" at Ed's seem subdued on other days/evenings of the week at this time of year. I agree that the Stanley is woth a visit, but I didn't recommend any place that genteel since that since BabsinTX wrote, "Brew pubs would be great. Something casual for football crazy folks; no fine dining on this trip."

            1. re: ClaireWalter

              Claire, Veggo could be referring to the urban myth about Buff fans throwing urine bombs at opposing fans at Folsom Field. The kneebraska folks seem to try to keep this myth going. Babs, just like any Big 12 location, you will get treated fairly, if you use some discretion.

              Make it to the Boulder Mall for the Buff band on Friday night and the get dinner there. Probably should have a reservation for about 9 pm.

          2. I agree that the Dunraven Inn in Estes is good- the one just out of town on Rt 66, not the other, which has the same name but a different owner. Also the Nepalese restaurant downtown- it is off the main street next to Subway. And in Boulder, BJs on Pearl Street Mall is pretty good- great fish tacos and good burgers.