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Sep 10, 2008 02:54 PM

Black Iron Burger Shop

just been around for a week now on 5th street and Ave A

what's the word? I hear it is a griddled burger not flame broiled but tasty.

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  1. Just checked it out. Cool little bar. Devoted to griddled burgers. Cheddar cheese not completely melted in the salamander after the griddle. Decent but small chocolate malt. Burger, which was thin but good and juicy reminded me of the now closed Seymour Burton up the street and there appears to be some common ownership. Very good but not quite up to those I've had lately (Market Table, Shortys .32, Daddy-O, Veselka, Stand, Rare, Stoned Crow, BRGR, Spotted Pig, Back Forty). I think the burger standards are steadily rising in NYC (as contrasted to the pizza slice standards which are goin down (except for Artichoke)).

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      I went for their opening - i believe they use Pat La Frieda meat for their burgers. it was good meat, but their grill just didn't seem to have enough heat to cook the burger medium rare while putting adequate char on the outside. I am heavily against their use of shredded lettuce. the bun that came with the burger was the highlight - unlike the previous poster's, mine held up extremely well the entire time.

      the shake was good but the size of that thing was extremely small to a point I was kind of offended (shoulda gone with beer). Their onion rings were indeed pretty good.

      the pricing isn't all that conducive for repeated visits, not as bad as that of Zaitzeff around the corner, but I think i can get more bang for the buck elsewhere in the EV neighborhood.

      1. re: cubeoccupant

        How is Zaitzeff? East Village is becoming a burgermeister nabe. By the way, try Veselka.

        1. re: guttergourmet

          I would say Black Iron, and definitely Royale, are way better than Zaitzeff. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't that great either. It was meh. And it was pricey. And the ambiance at Black Iron is definitely better than Zaitzeff if you care about those things.

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          Did you see the size of the beer that comes with the packaged deal (burger + beer + fries)? It makes that shake look supersized. I was kinda shocked they would serve me a beer that small. Was a tasty beer though.

      2. I agree that the place definitely looks cool, has a nice vibe, and the burgers are solid, but maybe not the best I've had in the city. This may just be a personal thing, but I prefer american cheese on my burger -- aged cheddar and bleu just overpower the meat -- but american isn't an option here. And shredded iceberg lettuce is not my thing. The bun was a little lacking, and things got a bit messy halfway through as a result. However, the meat was great, and apart from the cheese, the flavors were spot on -- definitely well seasoned. Plus, you can actually see the cook form your burgers by hand, which is a nice touch and gives the burgers a more rustic shape and homemade feel. Overall I'd give the burger a B. I think Royale is better if you're in the neighborhood, but it's worth checking this place out.

        Now for the rings. I have read other people say they don't like the onion rings here, but I have to strongly disagree. I LOVED the onion rings. If you have ever been to the Varsity in Atlanta, you will recognize these rings. Very thinly coated, but super crispy (none that bland, overly fluffy 80% batter 20% onion thing going on here), wonderfully sweet onions sliced thin -- they were a dream. I will definitely be back for the rings. They're worth a trip to Atlanta and now they are worth a trip to 5th street. A+++

        The fries were also very good -- thin, crisp, flavorful -- but not revelatory like the rings. I guess they'd get an A, since I had no complaints. Thank god they weren't steak fries.

        They have a great (potential) selection of beers on tap, although they were already out of a few when I went for an early dinner last saturday. Hopefully they'll work out their supply problem, because I could definitely see just stopping by here for beer and onion rings. The Coney Island Lager I had was lovely. I want to give them an A for effort, but going to have to give them a C for being out of so many I would have liked to try.

        The shakes are also great. I'm not a huge shake fan, but my bf is, and he was in heaven. He was unconviced by the place until he got his strawberry shake (aparently not as smitten by the rings as I was? crazy!), but after that thing hit the table, all I got out of him were non-verbal grunts and mmms of satisfaction. When he wasn't batting my hand away, I did actually get to try it, and it tasted just like homemade strawberry ice cream, with the perfect consistency -- not too thick, not too runny. Judging by his reaction, I'll give the shakes an A too.

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        1. re: _emilie_

          There was definite bun deterioration-though that is also a tribute to the burger's juiciness. The malt was average. Didn't try the fries or the rings. And yes-Royale's burger (which I forgot to mention) was also superior.

        2. It looks like all of the posts about Black Iron Burger Shop are eight months old, so here's my more recent take. Went there on a Sunday afternoon, so it wasn't crowded. Also, it was a nice day so they door was open (if it had been closed, I could imagine it getting smoky in there).

          I ordered my burger medium with the horseradish cheddar. Even at medium temp it was very juicy; others I was with ordered medium-rare which was probably not necessary (at least for moisture reasons). The burgers were excellent and nobody had a problem with buns losing their integrity. Shredded lettuce is a gripe of mine was well; I just scraped it off. All-in-all I liked the burger very much particularly since it wasn't overly tall. So many burgers these days are shaped like soda cans and there's no way to take a proper bite. These have a more reasonable shape.

          A disclaimer: I don't like a lot of char on my burgers, so I have no problem with ones cooked to temp on a flat-top.

          The fries were excellent. If they're always as crisp and tasty as ours then the place should be in contention for some french fry award.

          We didn't try the shakes. Several beers are on tap--no complaints there.

          1. Went after seeing it was ranked #9 by the BOTM boys. Place is cool and laid back but I was there for the carcass and it was average at best. Good place for a beer though and the onion rings were terrific but from the crumbly bun to the alleged horseradish cheddar to the unseasoned patty it was just very ordinary. Sometimes I just don't understand the lack of objectivity when it comes to judging Manhattan eateries... I'm speaking generally here.