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Sep 10, 2008 02:44 PM

50th B'day dinner with "the girls"

I would like to plan a dinner with my best girls for my 50th biday. I plan to invite 12 of my closest buds, any suggestions? I would like to go to center city or old city in Philadelphia.

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    1. re: saturninus

      I'm thinking about $75.00 per person.

    2. What about James (on 8th near Christian)? The food is spectacular and they have a small room that would probably fit your group. It will be at top end or above of your price point.

      1. I attended a wonderful birthday in a small private room at LaCroix at the Rittenhouse - I think there were 14 people. It was fabulous!
        I don't know the prices; you would have to call.

        Did you want byob? Of course, LaCroix isn't byob.
        Also, did you need a private room? If not, there are many other places that would be good.

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        1. re: sylviag

          I was thinking of James, My husband and I were there for our anniversary this year.
          BYOB is not an issue. I don't think we will require a private room, although my friends do enjoy to party :)
          I will check out La Criox, I do enjoy Chef Levin"s cooking. We have been following his career for a while now. Thanks for your suggestion so far.
          Can you suggest a byob they won't feel too snug for a lare party?

        2. You might consider checking out Les Bons Temps (12/Sansom). They have a room upstairs with great atmosphere (I know a separate room isn't a must but I thought I'd mention it) and imo the food is fabulous.

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