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Sep 10, 2008 02:34 PM

Must-Have Reservations?


My husband and I will be in Austin for a long weekend in October. I already posted for general recs, but I would love to know if there are any not-to-miss places where a reservation is a must-have.


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  1. A reservation at Uchi helps prevent a two hour wait.

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      1. re: stacystacy13

        Be sure to post after your visit to Uchi!

    1. Seems like olivia needs reservations these days. It is worthwhile to get a reservation at Fonda San Miguel as well.

      Parkside doesn't usually require a reservation, and their bar service is always solid.

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      1. re: ieathereforeiam

        Olivia doesn't take reservations for groups of less than five...
        We were a party of three on a Tuesday night and were seated immediately at 7:15...the dining room did fill up by 8:00, though