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Sep 10, 2008 02:16 PM

toscani & sons, new paltz?

went by today to stop by for some mozz, the deli looked closed up, the restaurant still had a menu in the window and chairs....any new paltz locals know what's up?

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  1. Hey Bob! Yes, Tosconi's deli has lamentably closed. There was an emotional sendoff held earlier this summer. I'm not sure what the owner's plans are. He owns a few properties along Main Street and has talked about everything ranging from a hotel to a grandscale farmers' market.

    1. I have mixed feelings about the closing of the deli. It was the only lattacini store I knew of when I first moved to the area so I frequented it often and found the products to be pretty good and the staff generally friendly. On the other hand the prices were normally absurdly high and the owner himself was one of the least friendly people I have ever encountered.

      Regardless of my personal issues it is always a shame to see a local family run business close.

      1. Many years ago this was a terrific place where the mother of the present owner seemed to be in charge of the food. Since she died the quality went from bad to worse - first they moved into a tacky new space that lacked all the atmosphere of the original, then they moved into a smaller more intimate space. After witnessing the owner screaming at his untrained staff I stopped going there altogether.