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Sep 10, 2008 01:53 PM

Need your help in Milwaukee

Hello I will be visiting your fine town Sept. 19-22 as a vendor at the Wisconsin Orchid Show at the Domes.

Any recommendations for dinner would be appreciated. I searched the archives and found a post about a month ago with some ideas but thought maybe you could add some of your favorites. I will be staying in New Berlin and as I stated the Domes during the day.
I will have a car so I am willing to drive for a great meal.

Not looking for stuffy high end stuff I am by myself so a comfortable atmosphere is a plus. Cost is not an issue anything from an awesome burger to great seafood.

Thanks for your help.


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  1. For a fabulous hamburgers try Solbeman's
    For a casual, high end meal try The Hinterland in the Third Ward
    The Milwaukee Public Market is an indoor farmers market, nice location with tables on the second level.
    The Pasta Tree is an Italian eatery that has consistently served great food.
    1503 N Farwell Ave
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
    (414) 276-8867
    Lake Park Bistro is a French style bistro with a great location on the Lake:
    If you aren't concern with price Sanford's is the utmost in a dining experience.
    D'amato also has another restaurant in the Third Ward that is more of a casual fair, very good food too ,Coquette Cafe

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      I too will be visiting MKE and am hoping for some great food. Also looking for some great entertainment/bars as there will be a group of about 10 of us. Any suggestions on fun places to eat and entertain?

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        I am not sure where you are staying but I love the "third ward" area (south side of downtown milwaukee). The Milwaukee Ale House on Water street has a great fun bar, with their own micro-brews and live music. It's a great place for a large group....however the food is average. A few blocks away is the Wicked Hop. They have a killer Bloody Mary and decent bar food. The Hop is connected to a small club that has live music on weekends.

    2. I would highly recommend dinner at Ristorante Bartolotta, an authentic cozy and inviting Italian restaurant located in the charming Village of Wauwatosa (just west of Milwaukee, north east of New Berlin) They focus on simple and traditional recipes from Italy's northern region using fresh, quality ingredients. It's the one place that out of town colleagues insist I take them specifically for their Grigliato Misto di Mare. Wine list is great and their tiramisuu is the best in town.

      the Lobby of the Pfister Hotel downtown Milwaukee is a gorgeous place to have a few cocktails, enjoy the live piano music and people watch. Then head into the Mason Street Grill located inside the hotel for a fantastic meal in a very comfortable atmosphere.

      Zaffiro's Pizza on the east side is a very casual bar/restaurant for delicious thin crust pizza.

      Alterra Cafe At the Lake, 1701 N Lincoln Memorial Dr. Milwaukee. Excellent coffee shop with its own coffee roasting facility inside, across from the McKinley Marina on Lake Michigan... prime place for people-watching.

      A few other recommendations...

      Beans & Barley Market & Cafe -
      County Clare An Irish Inn & Pub -
      Lakefront Brewery Palm Garden -

      Have a great weekend in Milwaukee, the weather looks perfect!

      1. Definitely use your car to explore Milwaukee's neighborhoods. It's a really fun town!

        I was in MKE last month to eat, and had lots of fabulous food. My top recommendation is Mekato's Colombian Bakery & Cafe. It's a very casual, down-home place with delicious meals, snacks, and pastries for morning, noon, and (early) evening. And it's relatively close to the Domes, at National & 35th.
        (Note: The web site shows only the bread & pastries shared with the Chicago location, but the Milwaukee location also has meals and snacks.)

        If you want waaaaay down-scale, I also loved Jake's corned beef sandwiches and Speed Queen Bar-B-Que.

        For a more upscale place that's not high-end or pricy, I liked Triskele's, Cempazuchi (on the lively Brady Street), and La Merenda (though it would be tough for a single diner, as you couldn't try more than two or three plates).

        I would recommend Three Brothers, but portions are huge and rather unmanagable for a single diner - not to mention the 45min-1hr wait for the burek...

        More details in my trip report, which I finally posted here: .

        And check out for reviews of the other places mentioned in this thread.

        Have a great trip!


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          I lived in Milwaukee when I was student teaching-and I used to love the Athenian chicken at Oakland Gyros and the Volcano chicken at Authentic Thai Kitchen which is next door. I dream about both of them. It's right by UW-Milwaukee. I would agree with the Alterra by the lake-actually, when I was living there, once Tipper Gore came through when I was there.

        2. Thanks for all of the recommendations I will have a hard time choosing.

          1. For Italian, I really like Mima's on Brady, thanks to Chowhounder's recs... and there's a nice wine bar with apps across the street - hopefully it's still open. I've mentioned it several times, but Trocodero is great no matter what you're after - sit at the bar & enjoy! If the weather is still holding up, a brat & Leinenkügel on the riverside patio at the Harp is always very enjoyable :)