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Sep 10, 2008 01:50 PM

Calgary Arsenal Supporters Pub

Looking for a British pub with all the usual Brit food and beers that shows Arsenal matches. Any such beasts in town?

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    1. Ship shows a premiership game... but you're more often at the mercy of the Chelsea, ManU, and Liverpool fans *shudder*

      Most of "Calgary's Best Pubs" group pubs show Premiership games as well. Joyce on 4th, Kilkenny, Limericks. Depends on what part of town you're in, there should be one near by. You're looking for a place that has the Setanta feeds (Fox Sports, Roger's and the Score have very limited schedules). Try calling ahead of time.

      Go Gooners! :)

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. If you find any Charlton Athletic only pubs be sure to let me know.

          If you are out in Canmore, The Rose & Crown is a proper football pub.

          1. re: graemejw

            Lol. You mean outside of Charlton?

            As long as you don't support the Spurs, Blues, Reds, or Red Devils, you're welcome to hang with us. :)

            Out of curiosity, i've never been to the R&C here in town - do they show the premiership as well?

        2. I know this is an old thread and post - but it still shows up on Google search so people may still use the information - The Calgary Gooners Supporters Club has a new pub this season with a decent group of people attending all games. The Pig and Duke on 12th Ave SW is where we are. Check out @CalgaryArsenal for updates and events!