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Sep 10, 2008 01:41 PM

Newly Arrived in Bedford and Craving Burgers


I really, really need to find a good burger joint in this area soon. Bedford or Burlington would be preferred. Good fries are a plus; I don't care about atmosphere or anything other than how good the burger is.

Good burger to me means meaty, not dried-out, fresh toppings, and with a bun sturdy enough so that it doesn't absorb the meat juice and turn into a weird, flattened piece of dough by the time I hit the end of the burger.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. It's in Lexington center, but Lexx's burger is very enjoyable.

    1. The lunch burger from Dalya's looked decent and I want to try it, but have never had it. I once enjoyed a freshly dressed burger from Sparta (which surprised me from being better than I expected), but its a frozen burger cooked well done. Bedford House of Roast Beef probably has a cheeseburger sub which is a local kind of thing, but well done patties (you could also try a Friendly's patty melt for something else local, but not exactly what you are looking for and often an iffy option for quality). I also think Max Stein's has a lunch burger (saw it on the menu), but haven't ever seen or tried it.

      If you trek down to Arlington, Tryst has an excellent burger and good sandwiches in general (a tad pricey) with fresh and upscale fixings (good fries). Krazy Karry's is also in Arlington, but in Woburn closer to you and focus on burgers... but I never did very well with them in Arlington, dunno its a maybe. Jimmy's Steer House in Arlington is another possibility, but roll and toppings not nearly as nice as Tryst.

      In the Burlington area, I have done ok with Joe's American Bar & Grill (a local chain) just over the line in Woburn. The same chain offers lunch burgers at Papa Razzi, both in Burlington and Concord, the Burlington one was ok but Joe's probably sells more of them. Cafe Escadrille wasn't as good as them, about the same as the nearby 99 Restaurant.

      I like the burger and back bar at the Colonial Inn in Concord, which is one of the most hated restaurants on chowhound. Its a basic hotel style 1/2 lb burger premade but cooked to order, ok steak fries, about the same as Jimmy's above and sometimes a bit better. I only eat in the back bar though, which does have jazz. Don't get too adventurous with the menu, most of their bad reputation is deserved.

      If you want to try something completely different, you could try a Brazilian X-tudo burger, which certainly has interesting toppings but they aren't necessarily fresh and the burger is going to be well done. Available in Woburn:

      Dalya's, Tryst, Joe's, Colonial might be worth a try... Maybe Jimmy's or Krazy Karry's. The rest to expand your horizons.

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        Krazy Karry's in Woburn failed - closed last fall. I was pleasantly surprised by the burger at Bickford's (stone's throw from Escadrille). When I worked in Woburn, I tried burgers at the 4-Corners 99 several times - didn't like the bulky roll they use rather than a bun, and the meat usually seemd old. The Greens Grill at Woburn Country club - off Cambridge Rd near Whole Foods, has a good burger. It's not a fancy place, don't be put off by the CC location.

      2. Try Bedford House of Beef. I cant recall what their burgers are like since i have not been in years. But when i used to work in the area we would eat there a few times a week. Specialize in chicken kabob sandwiches/salads, roast beef, fried seafood/fries/onion rings, burgers,gyros etc..

        1. The Restaurant on Main St Woburn and Jimmys Family Restaurant in Burlington have good burgers.

          1. Thirteen bucks, but they serve a fine knife-and-fork burger at the Capital Burlington with excellent fries or slaw. This was a novelty to me, as my nearest Capital Grill (Back Bay) doesn't serve lunch, and they don't serve the burger at dinner.