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Sep 10, 2008 01:03 PM

Here is my NYC trip list, any more suggestions?

Haven't been to NY in years and am coming for a few days next week w/ a group of friends. Anyway, here is our list so far, please help me fill in the blanks. I'd like to keep the $$$ down to the low to moderate level as we're already planning on spending a fair amount at a Babbo/Yasuda.

Thursday, dinner: reservations at Babbo (whew and Yay!).

Friday, lunch: Ramen Setagaya (any other ramen suggestions welcome).

Friday-Sunday, leave town to see music festival Kutshers country club in Thompson/Monticello. I know this is off topic, but any good suggestions for any food within 20-30 miles of here would be greatly appreciated. I've done absolutely no research and am sort of consigned to not getting any great meals during this portion of the trip. Any surprises would be an absolute bonus.

Monday, late lunch: Papaya King (a few of us love our hot dogs).

Monday, late dinner: Going to see another concert at Roseland Ballroom, our hotel is near Washington Park. Any suggestions for something tasty open late around or between these two? Beer or alcohol availability a plus.

Tuesday, lunch: Open to suggestions. We'll probably be at MOMA at some point in the day, but proximity for lunch isn't so important. Katz's is being considered, but not everyone is real excited about it. Late breakfast in lieu of lunch also an option.

Tuesday, dinner: Sushi Yasuda for me and my brother, reservation for omakase at bar.

Wedneseday, breakfast: anything quick around Washington Park.

Thanks a lot in advance for helping out with this, I've been eagerly counting the days for this trip for a few months now. Really excited about the places we're going to, but there is no reason I can't get even more excited by any suggestions you all might have. Thanks!

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  1. Maybe do Hakata Ippudo instead of Setagaya.

    Roseland Ballroom is at Broadway and West 52nd St, which is a huge swath of land between there and Washington Square Park. Can you be a little more specific in what you're looking for neighborhood or cuisine-wise? Upscale? Divey? Would Koreatown be OK? Would you be alright going a little further downtown?

    Most places in Manhattan that aren't BYOB have a beer and wine license, but not all have a liquor license, BTW.

    Late night dining on off nights (Monday - Wed) in Manhattan:

    Don't go to MOMA on Tuesday because it's closed on Tuesdays! Lunch nearby MOMA: some options would be eating in the museum (the cafes aren't too shabby for museum food), eating at the Bar Room at the Modern, burger joint inside the Parker Meridien, La Bonne Soupe. Katz's is pretty far away from MOMA, BTW.

    It will be more difficult to do a late breakfast/brunch on a weekday, BTW since breakfast/brunch on weekdays isn't all that common. Sarabeth's on Central Park South, however, serves breakfast every day from 8:00AM - 3:30PM. It's on Central Park South (aka 59th Street) between 5th and 6th Avenue and would be a short walk away from MOMA.

    Have fun at ATP NY (in Monticello)! I think if you are interested in food options around there the Tristate board might be more appropriate?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks for your help. I know it's a wide swath of land, I'd just prefer not go too far astray. a little further downtown is fine though. I don't think we're looking for something upscale at that time. Divey is totally fine. Korean food would be great. I live in SF and there really isn't any great Korean food (at least comparable to LA). I wasn't aware that NY had any notable Korean, so I'd love your suggestions. I'm a big fan of good pickled stuff (banchan?) and appreciate wood fueled Kstyle BBQ, but any Korean food suggestions would be great.

      I will check out the link and thanks for helping us not waste time going to a closed museum on Tuesday. Haha.

        1. re: kathryn

          Also, here is an awesome Google Map of dining in and around Washington Square Park:

          My favorite option in that area is Otto.

    2. A nice place for breakfast on Washington Square is North Square in the Washington Square Hotel.

      1. Good food and Monticello area unfortunately don't go hand-in-hand. A few exits to the east on 17 is a place we used to go to when up there, but have not been in quite a while, called the Dodge Inn. You should be able to see a billboard for it on 17. They served a marinated steak that was quite passable, and sauteed onions. You could also look into places in Middletown. Just don't eat anything at Kutschers.

        1. Late night near Washington Square....Mamouns for falafel and shwarma. Don't think, just go

          1. if some of your party aren't into Katz's, they can always go next door and get an amazing bagel w/ gaspe nova to go from Russ&Daughters and then join you and eat it at Katz's...Russ&Daughters also has great whitefish/salmon salad and baked salmon, as well as yummy things like halvah and nuts and dried fruit...

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            1. re: Simon

              To be accurate, Russ & Daughters and Katz's are not "next door" to each other. Katz's is at 205 E. Houston St., corner Ludlow, and R&D is a block west at 179 E. Houston, b/t Orchard & Allen.

              1. re: RGR

                and im not sure katz's would be thrilled about you bringing food from someplace else in to eat

                1. re: thew

                  if a bunch of people are chowing down on pastrami, i doubt they'd care if one or two people are eating a bagel&lox...

                  1. re: Simon

                    maybe i'm wrong. but i doubt it. most restaurants are pretty explicit about not allowing it. they're in the business of selling food.....

                    1. re: thew

                      If you bring a sandwich from R&D in a bag and are at a table where there is no waiter service and are seated among others eating deli sandwiches, the place is usually such a zoo that nobody is going to be checking to see who is eating what.