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Sep 10, 2008 12:36 PM

Butter Spray nutrition info

Any idea how many sprays of say 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' spray amount to a gram of fat? Also, since many of these sprays have first ingredient as olive oil or canola oil (healthy fats) can they be used as a substitute with the same benefits; for example using a tablespoon of the butter spray instead of a tablespoon of olive oil? Thanks

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  1. For the first, it's really hard to say, since a "spray" is an inexact measurement. However, I googled and came up with this:

    For the second, why would you want to? Butter spray by the tablespoon is waaaaaay more expensive than olive or canola oil, plus it's got all kinds of propellants and other chemicals in it. If you want healthy oil and must have butter flavor, then I'd personally use Butterbuds and oil, not butter spray.

    Of course, I'm a firm believer that a little butter never hurt anyone -- I think this whole obsession with "healthy" oils and Omega 3s vs. Omega 6s is sort of a crock. Humans lived for hundreds of thousands of years without Canola oil, and although olive oil has been around for a while, it was mostly only available around the Mediterranean. Animal fats have been a part of the human diet since before we had agriculture -- our bodies are adapted to do just fine with them, although like anything they should be eaten in moderation.

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      Thanks for the info, that link is basically the information that I was looking for to question #1. Regarding using instead of other oils you're right it would be much more expensive but it is a flavor thing for me; i'll look into the Butterbuds. what is that exactly? Thanks