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Sep 10, 2008 12:18 PM

Manchester/Nashua Specialty Food Markets

Any in this corridor? I'm looking for something comparable to say Philibricks Fresh Market in Portsmouth or On the Vine in Exeter

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    1. re: negrazer

      Sorry, I checked out Philbrick's website, and the closest thing is the Whole Foods in Bedford MA, or Trader Joes (not really what you're looking for) in Tyngsboro. There are some small Asian markets with fresh produce, and some upscale farmstands (Lull Farm) with fresh mozzarella and some specialty items, but nothing comes close.

    2. There is a whole food(ish) place by the DMV and Home Depot on South Willow St., no hot foods, but a decent looking produce, cheese etc. May not totally fit the bill, but it close.

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      1. re: OwenD

        Are you talking about A Market?

        1. re: whs

          Yes, I think that's it. I just couldn't remember the name. Living out in the woods I don't get out to that part of Manchester that much. Thanks!

          1. re: OwenD

            Love A Market, been going there for years but it's really more like a great healthfood store. Lots of vitamins, herbs, minerals, too. It's grown since I started going there back in the 80's.