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Sep 10, 2008 12:14 PM

Chorizo (Seattle)

I recently read an article that discussed how food critics maintain their slim figures (they sample a bunch). The author came to that conclusion over a plate of chorizo nachos. Having an affinity for both nachos and chorizo, I am resolved to make my own.

So the question is: Where do you find good chorizo in Seattle? I guess, in my mind, I am picturing a Mexican variety.

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  1. If you're in Ballard, Ballard Market typically has a variety they make in-house. Otherwise, you could stop by Pike Place and get some from Uli's.

    Chorizo + Nachos sounds amazing. yum.

    1. Whole Foods has an excellent pork chorizo (fresh), that they make inhouse as well Of course, if you want authentic, you could go down to Burien, where there is a genuine Mexican butcher shop. I tried their chorizo but it was too coarse (i.e., huge chunks of unidentified animal parts) for my liking.

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        Once living in El Paso, I had to laugh at the "unidentified parts" comment, a staple of sausage-making humor. Overcoming my reticence and biting into it was a process, but I came out the other side with an abiding fondness for Chorizo. Uli's will probably do you just fine, but you might also look at the Mexican Grocery down Pike Place near Starbuck's #1. Big John's PFI might surprise you with a good one, too.

      2. I haven't tried their chorizo, but there is a pretty good mexican meat market at the corner of 14th/Jackson/Rainier/Boren (all one corner)....

        1. Which kind of chorizo do you want? Spanish chorizo which is cured and dried. Or Mexican chorizo which is fresh?

          If what you are after is the fresh stuff, making your own is actually quite easy, and better than almost anything you will get in a store. (The same is true for dried chorizo, but it's quite a bit more complex and time consuming to make)