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Upscale downtown restaurants w/ small private rooms?

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It is the time of year when I book 2 dinners for our company's owners. Can anyone recommend upscale restaurants in Boston that have a private room seating anywhere from 6 to 15 people?

Places we've used in the past include:
-Olive Oil Museum Room at Miel Brasserie in the Intercontinental Hotel
-Locke Ober
-Mamma Maria


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  1. Tremont 647 in the south end has a room

    1. Lucca on Hanover St. in the North End has a private dining room. Locke-Ober has several private rooms on the third floor.

      1. My husband has had several successful business dinners in a private room at Flemings. I think their minimum price is on the lower side, which is good when you have a smaller party.

        1. Hampshire House on the Common
          Sorriso in the Leather District
          Legal Seafood Catering on the Pier
          Sel de la Terra
          L'espalier when they reopen in September

          1. Taranta: