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Sep 10, 2008 11:38 AM

Nice little restaurant near Harbord Street

I am taking a new boyfriend out for dinner for his birthday. Are there any restaurants that anyone could recommend around Spadina and Harbord?? Nothing too expensive or formal (Splendido).

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  1. 93 Harbord does a nice variation on Middle Eastern cuisine for fairly reasonable dollars. Very pretty room, and very good service.

    1. You might want to look at Harbord Room (reservations a must, open late). Nice room, always bustling, solid food.

      1. I really like Harbord House (different from Harbord Room), and DT Bistro is good too.

        1. I've never personally been, but this place has been around for years and has some good reviews Just a little west of Spadina.

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            Bouelvard Cafe is nice peruvian fare...The ceviche is especially tnagy. Can't go wrong with Harbord Fish and Chips. And there's a nice middleeastern place (lower level) across the street from the Boulevard Cafe.

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              I second Boulevard Cafe and DT Bistro. Both are casual, but with very different feels. You could do Boulevard Cafe for dinner, then walk across the street to DT Bistro for a coffee and wicked dessert.