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Sep 10, 2008 11:33 AM

Girls Weekend

I'm looking for suggestions for dinner/drinks for a girls weekend in Boston - we are looking for relaxed fun places to have a few drinks and a laugh.

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  1. Hi there!
    What time of year are you coming, and what area of Boston are you staying in? Any thoughts you have on what type of places your looking for will help as well!

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      We are staying near Copley Place and are coming in a few weeks. We are looking for more casual places to enjoy a good meal and a few drinks. More lounge/pup type places than clubs. Any ideas are much appreciated!

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        1. Right near where you're staying, try Parish Cafe. In the South End, Gaslight. In Cambridge, outside Harvard Square, The Westside Lounge.

          1. absolutely you have to go to the Eastern Standard. they have the best cocktail selection in town. if you prefer beer, sunset grill & tap in allston has a superb selection + pub food.
            the beehive in the south end is a fun place for brunch.
            toro (south end) is also a tasty place with tapas & great sangria.
            what about the prudential center, top floor for drinks & bar food - they have live music and a fantastic view of the city.
            have fun!