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Sep 10, 2008 11:15 AM

phx : best foie dish?

hi all,

i'm in the mood for foie. its like meat butter. im salivating now just typing out the words :D

i'm curious for the best foie dish in town. my recent fave is the foie with banana bread and banana's fosters at cork. omg that is FANTASTIC

and i had a great foie appetizer at wrights last year, it had duck confit and duck carpaccio as well. also fantastic.

anyway, i'm hoping my visa is paid off soon so i can justify another diet busting meal that includes foie.

any favorites in town?

if someone did a foie tasting i think i'd be in heaven ;)

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  1. My three all-time favorites are:

    1. Foie Gras Torchon at NOCA
    2. Menage a Foie at Binkley's
    3. Foie Gras appetizer at Cafe Bink

    "Meat butter"....fabulous. Perfect.

    1. The dessert foie gras at Sea Saw is amazing. I don't know if you can order it off the menu or if it is only on the Omakase, but it is really good.


      1. I'm a foie-fanatic, as my cardiologist can attest. However, I've only had a very few in PHX, that really did it for me. Probably the best was a mushroom soup that Chef Vincent did, with a large slab of foie gras, floating in the middle. It was out of this world. It was on his Neuvo menu, not his "standards," so you might want to call. Also, he might be open to recreating this dish, with enough time. I do that all of the time with various chefs, when they have something over-the-top. So long as Chef Michael Dagenheart was at Tante Louise, I could always get his portabello tamales, and his pecan-crusted, garlic-seared softshelled crabs (in season), with just a call and a few day's notice.

        Otherwise, I'm at a loss for great foie gras in other Phoenix restaurants, beyond Chef Vincent's. I'm sure I've had good ones, but there is probably a reason that none sticks out.

        Post what you find, and I'll follow you to that place!


        1. Only foie dishes I've had since moving to Phx a year ago.

          Very good: Foie w/pumpkin brulee at Kai
          Pretty good: The foie dish that Cork had before the new banana one.
          How sweet is the Cork foie dish now? Dessert level?
          Avoid: Miso mairinated foie w/peppercorn caramel sauce at House of Tricks. Foie was cooked nicely (slightly pink) but the sauce was way way to cloyingly sweet.

          I'm thinking of ordering a lobe as soon as it cools down a bit. Now I just need to find a few people to come over and eat a pound or two with us. 8-D Seared foie w/rose hip jelly and some mature german riesling. mmm.

          Speaking of a foie tasting. A couple of friends did one with us before we moved.

          Seared foie
          Foie in fonduta topped with an egg
          Foie strips melted over grilled ribeye
          Foie rendered to top an alsatian salad

          wines paired with each course (there were 4 other non-foie courses)
          I could feel my arteries hardening as we complaints though!

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          1. re: BillB656

            I'm sure you will find no shortage of willing assistants on here.

          2. You want to belly up to the bar at T. Cooks and have the Hudson Valley Foie Gras....