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Sep 10, 2008 11:01 AM

Transporting fried food?

Hi all,

I've been asked to provide fried pickles for a meeting at my fiance's hospital. I have NO idea how to transport them without them getting soggy or cold. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Apparently I can't transport and set up my deep fryer in the hospital due to fire code. Silly fire codes!

Anyway, if you could email me a solution to I'd be uber-grateful

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  1. That's a toughie, If someone sends a good idea please share! There is a take-out place about ten minutes from my house that has good buffalo wings and I always open the container on the way home so that the wings don't steam and lose their yummy crispiness.

    1. You might check out this thread

      some ideas, don't know how helpful

      1. Whenever I buy "to go" tempura at a Japanese place near work, they cut off a corner of the styrofoam box and the batter stays crispy until I get home (about 20 minutes).

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          Condensation inside the container is a major factor in soggy fried food...hence the venting. I don't anything about fried pickles but it's best to let the food cool down before packing, avoiding the condensation issue.

        2. There is no way a fried pickle will stay crisp for very long. Even if you leave them uncovered after frying the fact they are so moist to begin with will get the batter soggy in no time. Trying to transport fried food has been the end of many of the cheftestants on Top Chef.

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          1. re: KTinNYC

            Trying to transport fried food has been the end of many of the cheftestants on Top Chef.
            Exactly what I was going to reply! LOL Top Cheftestants have run up against this two or three times. I don't know if it can be done, as they just seem like they're going to steam in transport and get mushy-soft and non-crispy.

          2. Those fire codes in hospitals are real kill-joys.

            The Party "Fried Food" Rules:

            1. Never make fried food for party, and then drive to the hospital, er, I mean, party.
            2. Never go to a party thinking you'll fry the food AT the hospital, er, party. The kitchen will be busy and you will be a nuisance.
            3. Never make any food for a party that must be fried DURING the party IN BATCHES.
            4. Never make fried food that you cannot serve within 1 minute of removing from the fryer.
            5. Never made fried food for a party and have it sit on the table. Soggy and limp isn’t crispy and hot.
            6. Never make fried food for a party, period. The amount of time it will take to tend to it and fry it in batches isn’t worth the time away from the guests.
            7. Never serve your famous fried food, about which someone has bragged, under conditions in which it will not garner the full adulation and fawning it deserves.
            8. Never serve your famous fried food at a party where you won’t personally be there to accept compliments and answer questions about technique and recipe history.
            9. Know how to decline special requests to make fried food at parties.
            10. Know how to decline special requests from spouses to make fried food for parties.
            11. Know how to handle special requests from spouses-to-be to provide any food fried food included -- for HIS work parties.
            12. Know how to use silly hospital rule about frying to one's favor.
            13. Obey all rules.

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            1. re: maria lorraine

              Love this - it's so true. For the OP - invoke Rule Number 10!