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Sep 10, 2008 10:47 AM

Kitima Thai in Irvine

wow I haven't seen threads mentioning this place in the last yr. in Irvine it's prob up there with the place in Woodbridge. I went there. Here's a post from another thread:

I tried Kitima yesterday which is in an office park I believe the parking is at Gilette and Macarthur in a garage on the right side if coming from John Wayne. there are 2 other branches in San Diego and La Jolla. had the bamboo curry (yellow curry), spring rolls, and the dessert. I ordered mango ice cream but got sweet rice with mangoes. I thought that was a separate dish and I'd get mango flavored icre cream. oh well. maybe I was wrong. the egg rolls were good. I did like the sauce that came with it. better than duck sauce. now the main dish was decent. I'd say they needed more sauce. Anyway I need a guide to Thai curries. perhaps I just don't like this kind. I got the tofu to replace meat. I got it to go near closing time. didn't take long. I was the only one there. the host was very friendly. that left a good impression on me.

2010 Main St

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    1. re: vivinator

      I wasn't going to post because I didn't have nice things to say about this place, but since you asked...

      I was at a training session for one of our business intelligence tools, and it was being held at that center. Kitima IMHO is like the worst thai food I've ever had. I could hardly finish my lunch.

      The original poster was right in that the staff is very friendly. Also, I didn't learn my lesson the first time and ate lunch there again 2 days later with the same result; the food just isn't that good. Of course, having been to better Thai places like Thai Nakorn in Stanton and also Tasty Thai in Lake Forest, I'm comparing Kitima to some very good Thai places. But even Thai Spice at MacArthur/Main (less than a mile away) is a better choice than Kitima.

      Hope that helps.