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Sep 10, 2008 09:53 AM

Drinks & Dinner: First Date


Just moved here and I'm about to take a girl out on a first date. In New York, I had a great small&dark beer&wine bar that I usually went to followed by a not-too-pretentious French place directly across the street. Is there a place like that in Boston (preferably along the green line?)?

I'm looking for places that are close to each other (walking distance), not too pretentious and small and intimate enough for a date.


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  1. On the C line, you could go to Beacon St. Tavern for the whole thing or get a drink there and dinner at the Japanese rest. Ginza a few doors down or tapas at Taberna de haro (can never spell that right) across the street. Or further up for drinks at Fireplace and dinner at Washington St. Tavern. On the D line, drinks and chichetti at La Morra (or the whole dinner) and dinner at Pomodoro. Or Turkish food at Family Rest. Or a drink at No. 9 Park and dinner at Silvertone on Brofield or 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill.

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    1. re: Joanie

      no 9 seems a bit much for a first date.

      a few options that i think are good for first dates, although most are not on the green line:
      75 chestnut for drinks, bin 26 for dinner
      butcher shop for drinks, b&g for dinner
      eastern standard for drinks, trattoria toscana for dinner
      bricco for drinks, neptune or lucca for dinner
      toro for drinks, stay for tapas if it's going well
      green st for drinks, central kitchen or rendezvous for dinner

      1. re: iamsam

        No. 9 for a drink isn't that much, I had Silvertone for dinner so you're way downscale after a nice drink.

        1. re: Joanie

          you're right that silvertone is more low key (although i wouldn't be super wowed by having to wait an hour for a table, as i had to do a few weeks ago, though it probably depends on the night of the week), but i do feel like a no 9 drinks date is bringing out the big guns-- especially now that they've done away with their bar menu! it's totally fine to do if the OP is into the girl, i just didn't think it fit the bill for a "small&dark beer&wine bar" he used to head to in new york.

    2. Where along the G line(s)? How much to you want to spend?

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      1. re: alwayscooking

        Funny, Boston is pretty small compared to New York. The green line isn't terribly long, but we both work near the MFA.

        1. re: Pisto3

          Goodness - were you implying provincialism? Didn't mean to insult the NY'ness (since having lived there, SF, LA, and Rome myself I know that can of creep in). Rather, I thought that you might not want to spend 45 mins or more on the dreadfully slow Green line with a date - not fun.

          Since you didn't state a budget and are taking the T or walking I'm assuming a moderate meal:
          Brown Sugar in the Fens
          Taberna de Haro on the C Green line, at St. Mary's Street or walkable

          Just trying to be helpful. . .

          Another fun date near you - drinks at the Isbella Stewart on Thrusday nights and then dinner at the MFA or Brown Sugar.

      2. Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore for dinner. Eastern Standard, on the same block, is great for drinks, though it's neither small nor intimate.

        1. Fecalface is an expert on this topic - don't take a girl out to dinner on a first date. Keep it short and sweet, like a quick drink, then have an after-drink plan in place if it goes well. This allows you to escape if necessary and doesn't convey too much interest on your don't want to come across as a needy dude.

          If you insist on dinner, fecal suggests taking her to a place that tests her chowishness. Don't be like other guys and take her to a 'nice' restaurant. Go somewhere that challenges her a bit. On green line, a place like Sichuan Garden or Rod Dee would be ideal.

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          1. re: fecalface

            Also being experienced in first dates, i usually don't articulate that it's for drinks and dinner, but inevitably, and especially if it's after work, it's good to have an after-drink plan if things are going well.

            1. re: fecalface

              Don't you think that your date just might catch on that she 'passed' the first test when you extend the date. And then you take her for her second 'test' (dinner) - geez, what's the third test?

              How about a good meal to share and enjoy getting to know another person?

              You really are setting yourself up for failure to getting to know intelligent, nice women. Or is that the point?

              1. re: alwayscooking

                Pisto seems to understand the benefits of the modular date. It's not about passing tests per se, but why sit through a long dinner with someone you're not interested in. The whole process is shallow, fecal can't be blamed for that.

                But more practically, a desirable gentleman like Pisto can't take every first date to a place like ES or Marliave, otherwise he'd be broke.

                Push the limits, go somewhere she's never been before. Take her to Marialve and you're a sucker. Take her Sichuan culinary virginity and you're unforgettable!

                1. re: fecalface

                  Well, I suppose if Pisto or fecalface is going on 7 first dates a week, ES and Marliave might eventually make them broke, but ES and Marliave (downstairs) are both what I would consider to be casual, pretty cheap options for American Bistro. Not sure about the sucker-factor, but neither would make anyone broke after one outing, date or not.

            2. Downtown (not far from Park Street) get drinks at Silvertone on Bromfield Street, or at the hotel Nine Zero on Tremont Street (the bar is on the second floor). Then walk around the corner to the newly renovated and newly menued Marliave. It's an atmospheric place, not corporate looking. I had lunch there a short while ago and the food was really good.