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Sep 10, 2008 09:32 AM

Anthos vs EMP

Holding both resos next weekend. Visiting from SFO. Any thoughts on the choice?
Taking a niece to dinner, she has an adventurous palate. Very fond of Kokkari in San Francisco, any similarity to Anthos.

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  1. You're comparing smart-casual Greek-Mediterranean (Anthos) with much more formal, ambitious upscale French (EMP). I'd say EMP was far better, but it depends which of the two very different styles you prefer.

    1. Skip Anthos, if it's not too late. Was there tonight (Friday) and had terrible service and cold main dish, with the given reason/apology/excuse being "we are busy tonight."

      1. Anthos is very hit or miss and the service is occasionally awful. I love the concept, too, but given the spotty execution, I say give it a skip and do EMP instead if that's your only other option.

        If you don't want anything as formal as EMP, look into Kefi, which is, like Anthos, by Michael Psilakis. It's very casual (cash only and no reservations) and serves interesting, excellent interpretations of Greek food. The tapas / appetizers there are especially good, esp. this time of year when the menu takes advantage of fresh, seasonal produce.

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          Is Kefi still open in its original location? It's supposed to move into new quarters, but acc. to eater, the Sept. 23rd opening has been postponed indefinitely because of construction issues.

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            yep, it's still hanging on at its old location and as crowded as ever.

            OP, i should warn you that Kefi is much more low key than either EMP or Anthos. it's really more a neighborhood joint than anything, a bit loud. it's more about the food than decor (which isn't bad in any way, just not special occasion-y).