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Sep 10, 2008 09:24 AM

walking the brooklyn bridge-i'll be hungry

I am planning a weekend afternoon where I can walk the brooklyn bridge with some friends then head out for some food and drinks late afternoon. any recommendations on spots to hit up? thanks.

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  1. at 530pm go to noodle pudding on henry st - excellent italian - you will beat the crowds
    if earlier, walk to atlantic for middle eastern: Fountain Cafe, Yemeni Cafe, Waterfalls, Fatoosh

    1. if it's around 6pm you could try hecho en dumbo (on front st. in dumbo). tasty small plate mexican fare. i don't think they open before 6pm, because it's a cafe with standard coffee and paninis during the day, it just transforms to hecho at night. Noodle pudding is also a good suggestion.

      1. Down in Dumbo, on Water street I think just by the Manhattan bridge overpass is Superfine. Very cool vibe and solid food.

        Noodle Pudding is a great suggestion. Very recognizable italian, and very good. Cash only though!

        Just, whatever you do, stay away from Grimaldi's. The pizza might be very good but it's not remotely worth the wait. (I don't know. It was very very good when I last had it 3 years ago but the lines and rudeness of the staff have kept me away since).

        If you make it as far as Atlantic, I've fallen in love with Waterfalls Cafe again. Not much to look at, but the freshest, tastiest, and most caringly made Middle Eastern I've had in on Atlantic Ave.

        Enjoy the walk!


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          could you recommend something to order at Waterfalls Cafe?

          1. re: phishphood

            Honestly? It simply depends on what you like. I've had a dozen different dishes from them and every one of them was equally well-prepared and delicious.

            I know that sounds like a cop-out, but really, no one dish stands out over another for me.