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Sep 10, 2008 09:12 AM

Nabulsi Cheese - how to use?

I bought some nabulsi cheese at the supermarket the other day to see what it's like. While I like the flavour, it is INCREDIBLY salty. (It's a white, brined cheese, kind of like feta).

I'm now looking for some suggestions on what to do with it; it needs some other ingredients to tone it down. I'd be interested in both traditional and non-traditional uses. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. nabalusi cheese goes into West Bank Palestinian sweet pastries such as 'ataif or the famous Kanafa nabulsiyya, it can also be used for use in savories like a phylo dough pockets or pies, or stuffed into short crust pastries and the like. It is usually encased in some kind of buttery carb, so the salt is balanced out. You can also use it in salads, fry pieces of it, or use it in a you like. I am not sure if the cheese is the sweet pastries is "hilwa" or other regional Arabic recipes it usually is, but for the Nabulsi cheese it might not be. For traditional recipes you might want to consult a Nablus, West Bank Palestinian or Jordanian cookbook or food website.

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      What is the orange color that is often added to Kanafa?

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        My mother in law was from Nablus. I was taught that you cannot eat the cheese directly, you must soak it overnight. Mostly, we would chop it up and cook with whatever we felt like having in an egg scramble. It is fun to watch through a glass cover because the cheese puffs up like marshmallows in a microwave. :) Also, we would fry it or eat it raw - pinched off into little bites with pita dipped in olive oil and zaatar. I love it when somebody brings a 1/4 tank (a two gallon sealed metal tank of Nables cheese). It is fun stuff and lasts a long time as long as it stays covered in the brine.

      2. I mix it with spinach and make little triangle pies (fatayer) or put it on bread and bake it (cheese bread? )
        Try to use it like feta cheese. Fatima has some good suggestions.

        1. when I was introduced to it, we fried it, cut a small cube and wrapped it in a piece of pita with yogurt and chives.

          1. When I use this cheese for Kanafa, I break it up into 1/2 inch pieces and soak it in several changes of water for 8 hours or so...all the flavor and less salt.