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Sep 10, 2008 08:49 AM

Red Velvet Cakes?

I am looking to buy a red velvet cake for my girlfriends birthday. Does anyone know of a bakery that makes them? I looked at cakelove but they don't have them. Any other suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Kramerbooks and Afterwards makes a good red velvet cake. You should call them and see if you can purchase an entire cake from them.

    1. People here claim that BakeshopDC is awesome for that.

      It was on a previous thread, I believe.

      1. Eggspectations in Columbia makes a good and very pretty RVC. If you're in Baltimore, they can be found at a couple of the bake shops in Lexington Market.

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          I second the Eggspectations. There's one in downtown Silver Spring as well.

        2. Sweet Christina's in the historic part of Fairfax (across from the old courthouse?) makes them. I talked to her once and she said she does not use artificial coloring for the cake. I've tasted it - GOOD!

          1. Maggie Moos in Baltimore makes an AMAZING red velvet cake ice cream. You can also order it in ice cream cake form!