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Sep 10, 2008 08:06 AM

Canning Tomatoes

Anyone know where I can get some good tomatoes for canning? Cam/Watertown/Route 2 Boston/North Shore places are all good for me. Thanks!

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  1. I believe I saw boxes of tomatoes at Russo's in Watertown last Sunday.

    1. Verrill farms had boxes of plum tomatoes for $10.99 a few weeks ago. Tomatos were a little bruised, but suitable for canning.

      1. Wilson Farms has boxes of plums or rounds that weigh about 7 lbs for $5.99 or two boxes for $10. Russos has BIG crates of plums for $20.

        1. Over the last two weekends, I canned 10 quarts and a bunch of pints of the plum tomatoes from Wilson farms. They were tasty and in pretty good shape. They were running really low of the plums last weekend though.

          1. Kimball Fruit Farm sells boxes of tomatoes (I'm not sure but I think they are half bushel for $25). You can call them the day before and order for pickup at any of the 10 farmers markets that they serve. (They offer the same service with all of their other produce also.)

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              Quick Update - I picked up some produce from Kimball today and it was fantastic. The tomatoes were $30 for a 25-pound box, and the corn was $25 for a bushel (65 ears). The quality was superb all around. And I shucked 65 ears of corn without encountering a single critter, so that's a plus!