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Sep 10, 2008 07:47 AM

Recs for a quick trip to Fresno

Hi Hounds, I am coming to up Fresno on Saturday for the Wisconsin/Fresno St. Football game and am looking for some recs for a good late night dinner on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. We are open in terms of type of food, price, etc., just looking for really good food. Thanks!

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  1. You're in for a great game!!...I'll start with the easy part: brunch.

    The Patio Cafe (, FGV, is my go-to for eggs benedict (I LOVE the gorgonzola/asparagus bennies). They have a great variety of dishes that use local, organic and fresh ingredients. They are also focused towards healthy dishes as well. Everything I have had there has been fantastic. The oatmeal is awesome!! They do have a wine/beer list so a mimosa is possible.

    Campagnia's ( on Champlain & Perrin has a very nice Jazz Brunch. The patio is beautiful, and the weather here in the late mornings has been amazing. Reservation def recommended.

    Campagnia's sister restaurant in Fig Garden Village @ Palm & Shaw, Pangea ( also does a wonderful brunch. A bit more diversified towards flavors and dishes - which I enjoy. It gets very loud inside, so again I would recommend the patio with reservations.

    Belana, in the FGV, does a great chicken fried steak, although other items haven't impressed. I would steer clear of The Breakfast House on Bullard/West, the service is horrible and the food is always hit & miss. I have heard the location on Cedar/Dakota is better but I never get that far away from home early in the morning. Copper River Country Club does a very good brunch, at least from what I have heard, I have never dined there before.

    Hmm...hopefully other 'hounds can help out for their brunch places.

    The late night dining is a conundrum to me, even though I am a late-night person. Especially after the game, which -more than likely- will not be over until 10:30pm-11pm, and by the time you get to your car/fight traffic/get to a food destination - it will be 30-45 minutes later. The Bulldog Grill, across from Savemart Center on Shaw, might serve late but you might want to call ahead. It's a good casual place for fries and burgers. The Elbow Room, FGV, serves appetizers late night (simple bar stuff, but they do have hummos on the menu!!). Although they might be doing an "after" party or supply food and drink specials after the game - they are really supportive of Bulldog events. Again, call in advanced. In Tower District, The Million Elephant serves Thai food up until 3am on a Saturday. I have found that the curries/noodles/and eggrolls are my favorites - but don't go with too high of expectations, it's just your basic Thai. If you are willing to brave downtown Fresno, El Unico on Belmont serves up some great Mexican food as does Chris's Meat Market on Kern Street (although I am not sure if they still stay open late). Be aware - venturing down to these places aren't for the faint of heart!!

    Ummm...good luck on the late night places!! Keep us posted on where you go, and have an awesome time at the game.

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      Because we found ourselves in the Fig Garden Village we decided to lunch at Pangea. The weather today was near perfect so we sat outside on the patio with everybody else. The house was full at 12:30. I chose the dragon roll from the sushi menu because I didn't want a lot of food. It was just enough and the presentation was excellent. My granddaughter ordered the hamburger with bacon, mushrooms, carmelized onions and bleu cheese. She was in hamburger heaven. We each had a refreshing flavored ice tea. Because the lunch items were excellent we opted to sample the dessert as well. TGD had a creme brulee with accompanying chocolate truffle and I had the flourless chocolate cake. Both went down without a hitch. Our server was friendly and attentive. Lunch plus tip = $50.
      I noticed all the sandwich plates were voluminous but the other dishes were manageable sized portions. The salads were especially tempting for hot summer days. I left with copies of the lunch, dinner and sushi menus. I was told they serve late dinners. We enjoyed a leisurely, delicious lunch and I would return for lunch or dinner.

    2. Thanks for the great tips!