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Sep 10, 2008 07:38 AM

Szechuan Hunan Restuarant 20th St. Philly

In the Rittenhouse Square vicinity

My friend & I tried to go last week for their lunch buffet, but a sign in the window said they were closed for renovations. When I try to call, all I get is a busy signal. Does anyone have any info on when they might reopen?

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  1. First I've ever heard of it, but what an odd name!

    It's like the New York Louisiana Reastaurant.

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    1. re: Boognish

      274 S. 20th Street. (215) 546-8080. I've never ordered off the menu, but the reviews on and other review sites are decent. We usually go for lunch because they have a ridiculously cheap buffet. Not a huge selection, but ridiculously cheap -- so much so that we call it "Cheapy Chinese". The Hot & Sour is very good, they always have steamed veggies, some sort of tofu dish, some chicken dishes, dumplings & a few other things. I'm really praying that the remodel doesn't mean that they are going all foo-foo and doing away with inexpensive buffet. One can only hope.

      1. re: PattiCakes

        Sounds perfect for a filling lunch.

        Thanks for the info!