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Sep 10, 2008 07:22 AM

Morimoto at Boca Resort Hotel

I did a search of the board and noticed that there is no posting, but Morimoto has decided on the Boca Resort Hotel as his first South Florida venture?

Let me know if this is "new" news or "old" news to you all.

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      thanks for the assistance! I was going to type in my post that I am sure you would "school" me and sure enough you did!

      Thanks for being on the ball!

    2. i thought only members of the club or guests at the resort can eat at the restaurants there?

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      1. re: meb903

        i thought so to but was still able to dine at Cielo at the resort a couple months back.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. a random excursion to the boca resort led me to the recently opened morimoto by chef masaharu morimoto. it's a beautiful small space with a long marble bar where you can get up close and personal with the friendly sushi chefs and be hypnotized by the videos shown on the array of flat screens behind the bar. an extensive and expensive menu of traditional sushi / sashimi along with a wide assortment of innovative offerings. morimoto offers his own line of sake and beer to pair with your selections. our server was well out of her depth and lacked knowledge of the menu and available sake selections. each seat at the bar was ready for service with the appropriate dishes and chopsticks . . . but of course not where i chose to sit . . . and i had to ask the server to bring chopsticks etc. when our food arrived. i took the opportunity to watch our chef prepare our items and discuss the freshness of the seafood selections. they have items rare for south florida; all grades of tuna > otoro, maguro, chutoro along with suzuki, tai, kinmedai etc. i enjoyed a beautifully displayed appetizer of otoro, sake, kani, hamachi, and aji, a kanpachi carpaccio served with hot ginger infused oil along with kinmedai, aji and far too much junmai daiginjo sake . . . it was an interesting experience mostly due to the opportunity to talk with the sushi chefs. the food was artfully presented but not extraordinary as i expected. a good place to talk sushi and mingle with a new crowd.

          THE GOOD
          • beautiful space
          • artfully prepared dishes
          • friendly, experienced, knowledgeable sushi chefs
          • wide selection of appealing seafood

          THE BAD
          • our particular waitress was ineffectual

          THE UGLY
          • none

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          1. re: themaddiner

            I'm confused. I just called the Boca Raton Resort and was told that Morimoto isn't opening until after January 15.

            1. re: CarolinaB

              I was there after the March of Dimes Signature Chefs event on Monday, Oct. 13th. I can assure you it WAS open . . . unless they've closed it temporarily.

            2. re: themaddiner

              I spoke with a server at the Philly location who said they pretty much have to go to "server college" to get a job as a server there. Perhaps because they werent "officially open" your server was unprepared? The servers in Philly were phenomenal as was the food. Here is a basic low-on-detail rundown of my omakase menu ($125 - highest level)...

              Otoro tartar, wasabi, tempura flake, yuzu soy, japanese mountain peach
              Kumamoto oysters 3 ways
              Octopus carpaccio
              Apple mint soda palate cleanse
              1/2 lobster w/ Japanese 7 spice and yuzu creme fraiche
              Seared Kobe beef w/ abalone mushrooms
              6 pcs assorted sushi (Otoro, sake, toro, 3 others)
              Some Japanese cake

              Im not a big fan of dessert so I also ordered live scallop sashimi and uni sashimi which were both very refreshing and a perfect end to the meal. All that and I bought the nice couple who talked to me at the bar a few pieces of sushi as they were there for the husbands bday. I also had 3-4 Basil Haydens and my bill came to somewhere around $220 and was worth every penny. When in Rome...

              Looking forward to a business meeting in the Boca area in January so I can check this place out.

              1. re: Blind Mind

                the website for the hotel says COMING SOON. I called the hotel and it is open.. Perhaps they are doing a soft opening and not spreading the word too much until they are 100% up and running well.

            3. Yes this is old news they are open doing a soft opening to work out the South Florida kinks as we all know they will have them....all the power to a "real" restaurant company who knows better!!!-oh and the food is amazing...