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Sep 10, 2008 06:47 AM

Biscuits coffee shop?

I tried doing a search but I kept getting an error message. Anyhow, anyone been to Biscuits in Cambridge/Somerville, whatever part it's in. I was biking on my way to Union Square and passed it and wondered what it was like.

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  1. It's called the Biscuit, fka Toscanini's. Decent enough baked goods, but in the same general area, I'd much rather hit Sherman, Petsi Pies, or Crema.

    1. I adore the fruit tarts at the Biscuit, or maybe they're called fruit squares - I can't quite remember. The savory breakfast tarts are also good - especially the roasted tomato and feta. The havarti and dill scone is a bit moister than Petsi's down the road, but I like that. The pizza is not at all good, but overall, a really great place for some baked goods.

      1. A review of The Biscuit in today's Boston Globe: