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Sep 10, 2008 12:02 AM

Any suggestions on what to get at Craft in CC?

I have a friend coming in from out of town and I am treating him and his GF to Craft this Sunday. Any hounds have any suggestions on favorite dishes?

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  1. I would say don't miss the truffles from Italy, but I don't want to be a trouble maker.

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      On the first thread servorg linked to, I posted my thoughts on all of the dishes a party of 8 had recently at Craft.

      I'm on my iPod, otherwise I'd copy and paste it here for you.

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        Thanks to all for your input! Very much appreciated!

    2. I've never been blown away by Craft, but of the things I've sampled, my favorite item is easily the short ribs, which are delicious.

      1. We always enjoy one of the stuffed pastas. The last two times, it was corn cappaletti (sp?) - so rich. I don't think I would ever skip having a pasta course. The octopus appetizer has been very good. Hangar steak, rack of pork. Assorted mushrooms (though oversalted on one occasion). Roasted Jersusalem artichokes. Parfaits for dessert, or an ice cream sampler.

        1. All the pastas I have had were delicious. The sauteed sweet corn if still in season is great. I had the endive, pecan & goat cheese salad the other night and it was wonderful. I have also enjoyed the Baby Spinach, Smoked Bacon & Gruyère salad, as well as the romaine and fried anchovy salad (the latter comes with a nice soft-boiled egg). The Spanish Octopus & Greek Yoghurt appetizer is terrific. I have enjoyed the foie gras. If you are a chicken fan (because after all, chicken is not that sexy), I have really enjoyed the organic chicken and black eyed peas dish. The Duck Egg, Duck Ham & Spiced Waffle, if they still have it on the menu, did not wow me. I've ordered salmon twice, including salmon with mustard for lunch today, and neither wowed me (although the only time I remember ever being wowed by cooked - as opposed to sushi -- salmon was years ago at the Water Grill during Copper River season). If you like Shishito peppers, I had them at lunch today and they were really tasty. Less successful was the swiss chard - it had something purple in it, which I assume was beets, and it was too sweet (sort of like sweet potatoes with marshmallow). The swiss chard is the only dish I have had at Craft that I downright disliked. They noticed immediately and took it off the bill (one thing I love about Craft is the always gracious service). On the dessert menu, my favorites so far have been the Strawberries & Cream with Crème Fraîche Bavarois, Pound Cake & Black Pepper Ice Cream and the Glazed Donuts, but I am still working my way through the dessert menu. Wasn't wowed by the blueberry cobbler the other night.

          If you are a white wine drinker and don't want to spend a fortune on wine, the 2006 Kremstal Gruner Veltliner (the cheapest Gruner Veltliner on the list - $40) was delightful. If you want to start out with a glass of bubbly, but don't want to spring for champagne, the sparking rose by the glass is quite nice.

          1. I usually get the braised short ribs, the quail with blueberry, and a side of sweet corn.

            Also I love their sorbet/gelato - also the sampler is pretty expensive at $20 for 6 scoops. (Had the basil last time- yum!)