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Sep 9, 2008 11:39 PM

Looking for steakhouse/american/ for group! LAS VEGAS!

hi everyone,
im looking for a restaurant to take a large group (60ppl company meeting) for dinner during the week. unfortunately this group will include kids as well as adults. our budget is around 30-35 per person not including drinks. im looking for a restaurant that preferably isnt part of a chain and has a good variety and trying to avoid buffets since we will be having buffetts for all our other meals. looking for the nicest place possible and would be a plus if it is in a hotel on the strip so we have something to do after dinner instead of having to drive somewhere again. also, trying to avoid anything asian or mexican, since we usually do that when we are at home. sorry if this is so general, but trying to find something for a group of people that all want different things is hard. if it was up to me we would eat at craftsteak and i could have a ribeye and a bottle of red and be happy, but then again my boss would probably fire me for going over budget! hahah thanks fr the input everyone.

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  1. Well, I'd consider Cafe Ba Ba reeba in the Fashion Show Mall for tapas; I think you could come in close to your price, and people could get a variety. It is part of a chain, but it is a good location and could handle a group. Similar is Maggiano's, but I prefer Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. Another option you might think about is burger bar in the Mandalay Bay's an upscale burger place, with interesting options, which would be appealing to a variety of people. Also worth looking at might be Mon Ami Gabi, but I think it would push your price point.

    I think it will be hard to do a traditional steak place for $35, even sans least on the strip. But maybe others will have some more innovative ideas than I.

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      hmmm ill check out cafe baba reba.......we have maggianos here in so cal so thats a pass i do like burger bar, but were trying to find someplace that has a more formal atmospshere well at least the most formal that our budget allows. yea i was thinking that it might hard to do tradtional steak for that about koreanh bbq, japanese yakitori, brazilian bbq places in stead?

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        well, on the strip, there is a brazilian bbq place in the mirage. I've not eaten there, so can't comment. Off the strip there is a good Korean BBQ (a bit more upscale) right by the hard rock in the same strip mall as Origin India.

        Another very good bet for your group might be the Prime Rib place in the South Point, which is further south on the strip (off on its own). I've eaten there, and the food is good (not great) and very reasonable. It's a nice room and the service is quite professional. It's definitely a bargain and might be worth considering.

    2. I think your biggest problem is finding a restaurant that can handle sixty people. Also, do not expect much more than an entree for thirty to thirty five dollars per person at a steakhouse (if you are lucky). Mon Ami Gabi might be good but is part of a chain. Their site says they have a private room for sixty people ( You can view the water fountain show at the Bellagio from here. The other restaurant is Canal Street at the Orleans Hotel (

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        We had a surprisingly good and inexpensive (by Vegas steakhouse standards) meal at the Prime Rib Loft at the Orleans. A little on the worn side decorwise but the food, service and wine list were all good. I was very skeptical going in but was with a group as part of my daughter's cheerleading team so I went along for the ride. I think it would fit in your budget because if IIRC the meals did include a side and the steaks were priced considerably lower than other steak places in the area.

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          keep it coming guys......ok how about any cuisine same guidelines? i liked the mon ami gabi one, but i think its going to out of our range prime rib loft seems good.......