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Sep 9, 2008 10:44 PM

Famima!! (??)

Anyone have any theories as to how Famima!! stays in business? I find the place a real enigma. Are there hounds that shop there regularly? If so, what attracts you?

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  1. Same idea how they survive. Actually, didn't Famina close a few locations already?

    If any, I still prefer visiting convenience stores in Asia. Even 7-11.

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    1. re: Vince S

      famima in torrance is gone now. how they even stayed open for more then a week surprised me.

      1. re: AGENT FOODIE

        Yeah, I called that one (as did numerous others):

        Now the real call is: How much longer does Famima last in the U.S.? My guess is that they're outta here by 2010...

      2. re: Vince S

        They opened 2 locations in Long Beach, then closed both and reopened one in Lakewood. Both of the ones in Long Beach were in so-so locations.

        1. re: justagthing

          I tried one of the Long Beach locations a few idea how they stayed open so long. Seriously two of the worst sandwiches I have ever tried, (had to toss the sandwich both times) to eat, the dim sum was mearly okay...and that is being kind. After the 5th time standing there trying to figure out what if anything I could eat for lunch and settling on a Ramen bowl I gave up.

      3. I was in the West Hollywood one last night, it was empty around 8 with no more hot dim sum, just some scary mozzarella stick I like the concept of Famima but I think they don't carry enough products maybe to satisfy the customer, or there just weren't enough people who wanted green tea custard. I had a serviceable "sushi sandwich" and I always enjoy finding some Japanese crackers or dessert that you can't get outside the Japanese markets. I was kind of sad the Glendale one closed, but really the wrong market of customers, I think.

        1. The one in Culver City is the best one I've been in. There is high turnover of the goods and most things look really fresh on the shelf. Dommy! and I went to the one on 6th st downtown on a saturday and most of the help was confused, shelves were disheveled and it took 20 minutes to "toast" my sandwich and it didn't taste as good as the one's I get from culver city.

          1. They serve a critical market segment for those consumers who are looking to pick up a pack of Hello Kitty stickers along with some Japanese ice cream fruit bars.

            1. I think their tomato garlic soup is great. And DH loves some of their sandwiches for a quick lunch. But that's all I've tried.