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Sep 9, 2008 10:37 PM

Pre Balkan Beatbox at Filmore

Saw some posts re Filmore...Is Kabuki Kitchen done and over? Are there other places in Sundance/Kabuki complex besides one with frog in the name? Should we venture out without reservations to Fresca or Mexican/Asian owned burrito place? Japanese? One of our party is going to be post Ramadan hungry/breaking fast...we are not big drinkers so that is not an issue, and will be hoping to see show by nine at least. Thanks!

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  1. Kabuki Kitchen has changed too many times to keep up with it and now borders on the insanely mediocre and closer to the "don't bother" category.

    How do you feel about Korean? I would suggest Arang as their Bi Bim Bap is fabulous. There is also Happy Shabu Shabu for the more Japanese-inclined. These two are less than a two-minute walk from the club.

    My favorite Japantown eatery is O Izakaya.

    I'm not a Fresca fan and that Mexican/Asian-owned burrito place is an atrocity with some of the WORST food I've eaten period. Avoid at all costs...

    1. I'd go to Sheba Lounge for great Ethiopian and cocktails.