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Sep 9, 2008 09:54 PM

Where to buy high end scotch in Seattle?

I need to buy a couple of bottles of high end scotch as gifts. I haven't found any high end liquor stores in Seattle in the couple of months I've been here, can anyone give me a hand?

I'm looking for Talisker 25 year, or Dalwhinney 30 year, or something equivalent.


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  1. Prepare yourself for sticker shock and search here:

    All liquor stores in Washington State (except the duty free stores on the border, which have a pretty lousy selection of anything obscure or high-end anyhow) are owned and operated by the state.

    You may have to drive out of your way, depending on what you're looking for (e.g. there's allegedly 1 bottle of Dalwhinney 29 yr in the state today, in Snohomish) and you'd better call ahead.

    1. Yup, I was going to point to the website for locating specifics, too....

      If you're not inclined to do the locating thing, the 4th Ave store (north of Holgate) is a large one...and if you're downtown, I used to hit the wine place by Union Square on 6th, north of University, if it's still there.....they don't have a huge selection, but a better selection than say the 2nd & Spring or Renton stores.

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        The 6th and University liquor store is closed now. Interestingly - a sign recently went up in that location saying Coming Soon: MOD Pizza.

      2. I've found pretty decent (for state stores) at the Cap Hill store on 12th near the police station.Sometimes they even have tasting notes

        I've heard OK things about the store at U Village ..

        The one on 4th Ave S is sort of a master store ..but for scotch the one on 12th is a fav.

        Not all stores are equal .... and the word control in the liquor control board has more to do with how they are set up than the word store would imply.

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        1. re: oliveoyl

          in a prior lifetime, we got our wholesale stuff at the 12th ave one, it never occurred to me to go back....but now that i think about it, that may have been the one with the locked case (looked like a curio cabinet!) of good stuff!

          and the 4th ave one also does a lot of the wholesale activity....i really should check that one out as it is so close to home!

          i have been to the u.village one a couple times, don't recall being impressed, but it's been awhile.

          there are occasional tasting notes on 2nd & spring, but the clientele in that area does not lend itself to much selection. i found my macallan-15 there and was so sorry i didn't go and stock my cabinet when they had it. they also told me they could do special orders, but it would take something like 6-weeks to get it in, and i forgot to ask what the minimum number of bottles would be for the special order, if any.....

          1. re: smalt

            yep curio cabinet with REALLY good stuff + a pretty good selection on the regular shelf too + parking .. and really sometimes there have been tasting notes.

        2. State store personnel have told me that they do special orders (they put the remainder of an odd selection - Fernet Branca? - yuck) on closeout and I asked about it. I assume you will be limited to the official WA list. The 4th Av store is set up to serve big commercial customers, so they are probably physically closer to the inventory, which may make them faster, as outlying stores will have to wait for their next delivery from the big WSLCB warehouse over on ?Marginal way, not far from the 4th Ave store. Good luck out there. Most of us Washingtonians, by the way, plan our liquor orders around trips to less tightly "controlled" states. (A bureaucrat myself, I have attitude aplenty about the general capacity of the ilk to control anything properly, and am quite sure that whatever the perpetrators thought they were going to control escaped long ago...)

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          1. re: mrnelso

            Fernet's on closeout in which store?!?

            The Fernet enthusiasts in this city may be few, but they are active! When I moved here a year ago, you couldn't find it it's stocked in many bars and in a lot of the liquor stores...we're making an impact!

          2. Washington state is ripe for a little change in the govt. control of liquor. In the past, I have hooked up with a few other people to share the cost of gas and made a run to northern California for a little quantity to last me a while. (this was before the Bull $&!% rise in gas prices) Good luck in this state.