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Sep 9, 2008 09:32 PM

Austin - Tex Mex (Chuy's, Fonda San Miguel, Manuel's)

Heading to Austin tomorrow and looking for some recommendations. We have two dinners and I'm planning on the following:

1) Nice team dinner - Fonda San Miguel - I'm pretty set on this one as it looks like good food, good atmosphere for a nice dinner (and great margaritas). Reminds me of Javier's in Dallas which I like for those type of dinners.

2) Casual dinner - Manuel's or Chuy's? Looking for really good Tex Mex which is walking distance from the Hyatt or Sheraton in downtown Austin. Not sure either fit the bill, but preference between the two or any other recommendations for a restaurant nearby? I'm all about the food for this dinner. As a reference point, my favorite Tex Mex in Dallas is Mia's Tex Mex for their brisket tacos (willing to overlook the styrofoam ceiling tiles).

Appreciate any thoughts.

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  1. Based on your parameters, I would go with Manuel's on Sat. night. But it's not necessarily traditional Tex-Mex. There's no way to reasonably walk to Chuy's from downtown. If you want something else within walking distance, there's also El Sol y La Luna on South Congress, But it's a little of a hike. Keep in mind, none of these places are the top of the list when it comes to sit down Mexican food (other than Fonda, that's a great choice). If you change your mind and are willing to cab it, there are several places on South First/South Lamar that I like. Have fun.

    1. Manuel's is more interior Mexican. Guero's is Tex Mex and is farther south on Congress. Near El Sol y La Luna. You can walk it but it's a good distance, better to hop the bus or take a cab.

      If you're cabbing it...I'd say go to Chuy's on Barton Springs or head over to La Reyna on S. 1st. Chuy's is all bright decor and decent ritas. La Reyna is a dive that serves basic but tasty Tex Mex.

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        Thanks for the advice. Went to Manuel's one night - good, not great. Did Fonda San Miguel for the other night. Fun atmosphere and the El Tesoro Anejo Margaritas "up" were phenomonal. My food was good, not great, but I ordered crab enchiladas and knew I was taking a risk. The appetizers were great and think I could have ordered better.