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Sep 9, 2008 07:45 PM


Anyone been to Elizabeth in Nolita ? i have resi on saturday at 9:30 ....wondering if its worth keeping it .

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  1. same question - wondering if anyone has been -how the food is, what the scene is like, etc.? having trouble finding any updated information...

    what would you compare elizabeth to? i've almost gone a number of times and changed plans last minute, but i am still intrigued - should i try to fit it in for an upcoming girls weekend dinner out?

    1. I've never been. Friends say the food is unremarkable and the garden is the real draw. I'm not sure what they do with the garden in winter.

      1. I've only been for brunch and the food is 'eh'. Nothing horrendous but nothing special either. The big draw here is the garden, the cocktails, big space and the staff is friendly. The scene is slightly upscale-ish. Really reminds me of a boutiquey hotel bar. I would go back for drinks only... and bring my extra wallet. If you do end up going, let us all know what you think... they did have a tasty looking burger on the menu.

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          I have been for dinner, and thought it was a cute spot. It works particularly well if you want to get something light before going out in the area. The grilled cheese sliders are great to share....very rich and buttery and oozy; they come 2 to an order and are more than enough. The garlic fries that you an request to go with it are also really flavorful. I would also recommend the beef tartare with quail eggs. It's a pretty classic presentation, and the seasoning is very well balanced. They have a terrific drink list, and the interior space is very cozy/romantic.

        2. after a number of failed attempts (and a post here) finally went to elizabeth last night and thought i should come back to all you lovely CHers with an update and my thoughts on the experience.

          4 of us went for saturday night 9pm dinner. we were not seated right away and were told to grab a drink at the bar. the cocktail list is inventive but the bar area not terribly spacious, so we were left huddled together with our drinks dodging servers with 18 plates each. the cocktail list was inventive, which i appreciate in and of itself, but surprisingly i wasn't overly drawn to most of them. i ordered 'the midnight tea' - earl-gray infused gin with egg whites and lemon. they accidentally gave me the other gin cocktail on the menu with blueberries and pink peppercorns, which was tasty but a tad sweet and pink for me. one was enough. i went for wine for round two. my friend who got sangria seemed pleased with it, but maybe it was just that it was a considerably large glass.

          when we were finally seated, we were put in one of the black leather booths, which are perfect for 4 people, but tricky on the coldest day of the year when everyone has giant coats with them. there appeared to be no coat check, so we piled our coats and other cold weather accouterments in between us on the booth.

          myself and one of my dining companions both started with the beet salad followed by the scallops. the other two went with the onion soup and then the pork chop and the caesar salad followed by the cheeseburger with garlic fries. i really enjoyed the beets - there were golden and red and they were extremely fresh and vibrant tasting. it was served with a goat cheese mousse, which was a good complement, but its texture outshined the flavor...could have been a tad stronger to balance the flavor of the beets.

          the scallops were very good. the entire dish was not entirely hot, but not cold enough to send back, so i dug in. there were 4 scallops, which was enough for me, but for some, might not cut it portion wise. they were served over what seemed to be a potato, cauliflower, brown butter puree which was sweet, smooth and delicious. on the side was small heads of cauliflower, an underused veggie in my opinion, which was pleasant served with something we couldn't determine...were they warm marinated grapes, were they green baby sized grape tomatoes, were they something else entirely different?? it remained a mystery, but a good one. i ate them all. arugula on the side didnt totally fit or interact with the rest of the plate, and seemed to be basically for show. cheeseburger seemed to be a hit - it was ordered medium and came much pinker than that, but got good reviews. garlicky garlic fries were thick and potatoey but with a strong good flavor. porkchops seemed to be a success as well - and the portions there were certainly considerably sized.

          for dessert we all shared the rice krispie treats with peanut butter chocolate marshmallow fondue. the little pot of fondue to dip and place on the fingers of ricekrispie treats was delicious. the rice krispie treats themselves were just okay, hard, nothing to particularly write home about.

          overall the food was solid -everyone enjoyed their options, their plates. our consensus was a B/B+ in the food department.

          the service however was sadly below average. we had no idea who our server was, it seemed that every course or drink was brought over by a different person and every thing we needed, we had to work hard to find someone to ask. there wasn't any 'just checking in to see how your meal is going.' the time between the appetizer clearing and the entree serving was also a few minutes too lengthy, but we were engrossed enough in conversation to not particularly notice.

          also, by the time we were finishing up around 11/1130 - the drinks only crowd had invaded the bar, which also meant crowding around the sides of our table, which started to get a tad claustrophobic.

          the scene generally was a mix of mostly attractive mid 20s to mid 30s city people (read: not notably B&T) mostly in groups (though i imagine on a non-saturday night, it would be a good date spot too.) my friend said it looked like they could have been filming a scene from 'the city' in the back. the black & white aesthetic and cozy lighting was right up my alley and made for very attractive environs.

          all in all, we enjoyed our evening and i think would make a return, though it wouldn't 't be a spot i would recommend without at least a few service related reservations.