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DFW - Chocolate Cake? Petit Fours?

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Where is the best place to get a chocolate cake and petit fours in Dallas? I prefer petit fours with a light icing and no filling. The chocolate cake is for a my daughter's birthday party. It doesn't have to be the prettiest cake; it just has to taste the best!

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  1. steins off of preston road. It has both cake and the beautiful petit fours.

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      Society bakery, IMO, has the best tasting chocolate cake so far, i like their cake better than sprinkles.

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        I agree about Society Bakery. Nice feel, nice people and amazing cake.

    2. I'm from New Orleans and grew up with McKenzie's petit fours. Analisas mom is right; the only place that comes close to classic petit fours, although a bit large, is Stein's Bakery on Preston and 635.

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        Stein's Is one of the best in Dallas. And they do have two sizes of petit fours to choose from. I also agree that society has great stuff too. Be sure to give them more than a week in advance for your order. I just got denied last week because i did it 'last minute', which was a few days in advance. Stein's will do it in a few days i believe. However, when in a crunch go to Whole Foods - we have never been disappointed in their cakes and they are better than Central Market - IMO. The chocolate decadence cake is soooo chocolate-y. Very good and keeps for days in the fridge (does not taste 'old' after a few days).

      2. Society Bakery's vanilla has cream cheese frosting and fondant. Their chocolate petit fours are very good too. You need to call ahead or run the risk of them running out by 11:00 AM.

        They are my favorite and I bake a lot. I have not been to Steins. Hate Eatzi's and CM. Some of WF's items are pretty good.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. We ended up getting chocolate cake from Steins. The cake icing (fudge) was great, but the actual cake was just ok.

          I tried both Steins and Society bakery's petit fours. (Steins - white & chocolate; Society - mini whites) Neither is quite what I'm looking for. I prefer a more moist petit four with almost an almond flavor to it. More suggestions please?

          1. I have used steins and they are good, and we gave them about a weeks notice. They are very friendly and have been in around a long time, claim to be the oldest bakery in Dallas!

            1. I second the praise for The Society Bakery, but I would also like to add in Dallas Affaires Cake Company on Abrams.

              1. Just wanted to update that I'm still on the search for the perfect petit fours. I've tried a few more bakery's - Elizabeth's in Plano and another one that I don't remember the name of in Dallas. They didn't make them quite like what I'm looking for.

                I'm searching for a classic petit four - a very moist sponge cake with a thin glaze. Any suggestions?

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                  I reread this post and wanted to clarify that I shouldn't have used the term sponge cake here. The cake part should just be extremely moist with a thin glaze icing.

                2. Did you "ask" steins if they would do petit fours the way you want them or just taste their "off the shelf" item and discount them? I don't know how the current product is, but years ago, they had the ones with a thin glaze - so I know they know how that technique.

                  Just a thought - plus, special made would possibly be moister.

                  Also, if you wouldn't mind the drive, you might want to check with Elegant Cakery in Southlake. I haven't had a cake or petit fours, but I've had a couple of their cupcakes and they were very good - flavorful, tender and moist, albeit, I found them a bit sweet.

                  (if you do go to SL and it's a nice warmish day, Southlake Town Square is only a couple of miles west of this bakery.)

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                    I am also from New Orleans. www.Gambinos.com. The BEST doberge cake and petifores EVER!!

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                      We special ordered the cake from Stein's, but just took the petit fours from their stock. I still haven't made it to Southlake yet, so I haven't tried Elegant yet. I've tried almost all the other suggestions so far, and still haven't found the "perfect" petit four. :(

                    2. I'm a little late to this thread but, Dallas City Market on Lovers lane has really fabulous chocolate cake. And, I also like Wholefoods for chocolate cake and, petit fours as well. Oh, one more. Tart Bakery Boutique. Also on Lovers Lane just West of Inwood.

                      1. Since my last post, Dallas City Market has unfortunately, closed. But a new bakery has opened in Snider Plaza called, "Creme de la Cookie". I've been hearing very good things about this family owned bakery where everything is made on site.

                        1. Central market, ordered their petit fours for a baby shower, and ordered their chocolate cake for a friends birthday. All wonderful.

                          1. I'm still on the search for petit fours.... any new bakery suggestions? I tried Aston's this week and it was good (light texture cake with thin glaze icing, but the flavor wasn't perfect). I'll pretty much travel anywhere in DFW!

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                              After having tasted petit fours from Creative Memories in Hurst, I'm sold on them and no one but them. It'd definitely be a drive for you, but sounds like you've been unsuccessful to this point and are still on the "hunt".

                              Their PF's are about 1-1/2x1-1/2". They're very moist with a fine crumb cake. The glacé is light and creamy, rich and sweet. They are not filled, simply delicious cake and the thin icing/glacé. They're generally available individually in the case with white on white or (I believe) choc on choc if you'd like to try before ordering, though I was there on Thur for cookies and they didn't have any available. I've eaten them special ordered and out of their case - they're one in the same.

                              NOTE: for Christmas, in addition to theirs own, they have a vendor's PF's that are pre-packaged, smaller, more festively decorated and ARE filled. Haven't tried them, so can't rec one way or the other, but I think you said NO filling - so I don't think you'd want those. Make sure you ask for "theirs" specifically.

                              There are some not so good reviews about snooty, bad attitudes and bad cake decorating. They're in anything BUT a pissy neighborhood, so that's really surprising. I've been in a handful of times since the summer and they've been nothing but delightful and that's not one of my commonly used words! As to the cake decorating, they appear more "old school", favoring icing over fondant, so depending on your expectations......

                              If you plan to make the drive, you'd normally take 183 to Precinct Line to Bedford-Euless Rd. If you come this week, unless coming early a.m., I'd advise exiting 183 at Bedford Rd (becomes Bedford-Euless) and dealing with the traffic lights to avoid inevitable Christmas mall backup/wrecks on 183.

                            2. Have you tried casa linda bakery? The have been around forever in the neighborhood, and my family has been going there for as long as I can remember. I'll stop by every once in a while just to pick up some chocolate chip cookies. Growing up, all my birthday cakes came from the casa linda bakery.


                              1. Aston's Bakery petit fours are great and in 2 sizes/ Their chocolate cake (esp with texas pecan topping) is amazing as well. They were in Preston Center when I was growing up but apparently moved to Lovers lane between Highland Park High School and the Tollway. I got a chocolate cupcake with texas pecan topping the other day...yum!

                                Everything from scratch, most cakes are made to order. Saw lots of people picking up but only one for sale just to grab and go. Employee said to order ahead of time.