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Sep 9, 2008 07:16 PM

Charged for Bread @ Tony Romas

Went to Tony Romas last night for my birthday. THey wanted to charge me for bread !
The server said it's 99 cents per order and then unlimited. She was somewhat embarrassed to tell me . When I complained to the manager she informed me that Outback started this policy and that Red Lobster is also charging for bread.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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  1. I work at an Outback and we NEVER charge for bread. I hate bringing the 10th loaf of bread to a table, but have never charged a penny.

    1. It seems like I was at a restaurant recently that charged a nominal amount for bread, but then it was unlimited. I don't remember where, I think it was a local, but I found it kind of weird. I just chalked it up to the rising food costs. Prices on the rest of the menu appeared reasonable so I figured they charged for bread to offset costs.

      1. I wouldn't waste my time at TR's, not much to sing praises about, I guess that bread must be something special if it's not built into the price of the entree.

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          The bread @ Tony Roma's is nothing special. Most of their food is OK,,,,,nothing outrageous. I agree the cost of the bread should be built into the entree price

        2. According to the website, Red Lobster is not charging for bread.

          Nothing on the Outback site indicates that they are either (and they didn't charge me for it the last couple of times we've been as recently as 6 weeks ago).