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Sep 9, 2008 06:59 PM

Has anyone tried that new asian bakery...

in Quincy on Billings road? It looked pretty is next to the tailor, across the street from Quincy Dynasty. Everything looked yummy...but given the time of day I noticed it, I wasn't hungry so left without buying anything. What is good to get there if you have tried it?

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  1. do you have a name or a street number? we go to quincy often (kam man runs) and will check it out.

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    1. re: qianning

      The name is something like Ma Mei....and it is on billings road across the street from Quincy Dynasty restaurant...I will make an effort to drive by tomorrow and get more specifics!

      1. re: bostongal

        OK, ,here's the deal with this new asian bakery - YUM!
        It is called Mai Mie Bakery - red awning that is a little bit hard to see as a giant tree is covering it. They are located at 66 Billings Rd - they are between the Buccini's sandwich place and the Shanghai tailor (they share a doorway with the Shanghai tailor). They are across the street from the Fashion Quality Cleaners (not Quincy Dynasty - they are a bit further down the street).
        I had a egg tart that was extremely fresh and yummy and a freshly baked pork bun that was incredibly fresh also. Delicious! I am hesitant to mention this place as it was really good and I can see now they will be selling out of everything!

    2. thanks for the tip, will definitely check it out. how do you think it compares to the bakery at kamman?

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        Actually, I haven't tried that bakery (as I only go to Kam Man all the time for Pho next door). But I will tell you that everything was really, really fresh and the bakery is very clean...always a plus!

      2. How did I miss this post! I will definitely check it out. The kamman center is so crowded lately and they often run out of the more popular items after lunch. We were there around 3 on a saturday and they were already out of most items.