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Sep 9, 2008 06:53 PM

Problem with canning pears - help!

I have done a lot of canning, but these pears are getting the better of me. I am canning with the hot pack method and using water bath in one litre jars. The juice is leaking out into the water bath and by the end of the processing time, the level is too low. So with my second batch, I put fewer pears in each jar and it was better but still had one jar with low liquid level. I am using a simple sugar syrup and a scraped vanilla bean in each jar. What am i doing wrong?

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  1. Are you scraping down the sides with a thin spatula to release air bubbles? Are you leaving sufficient head room? For litre jars, I'm approximating that you need at least 1/2 inch or about 1.5 centimetres. Bands should be only finger tight on lids. You're not a novice, so I'm sure you've checked these things. I don't think there is anything inherently different about pears, sorry you are having difficulty.

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      Yes, I have done all of those things but I just don't get it. Maybe the water level of the water bath is too low? These jars are big so don't give me a lot of space above for water. It is all I can think.